How to start a Conversation with Video in Box

When you’re selling a product or service, the video can be the make or break for your potential customers. A great video informs and inspires viewers to give you their attention, it shows how your brand fits in the bigger picture of your customers’ lives and increases their overall happiness.

A great video is about showing off your product, and telling your customers about it. It really is that simple.

When people look at a product video , they don’t just want to know the technical specs of the product. They want to meet the people behind the product and the people who use it. Your video is essentially an advert for your brand.

Video in a Box product range makes your video look amazing – customised with your artwork, and addressed to your target audience, so that your video message is relevant to each potential customer. Your artwork is your opportunity to make it easy for potential customers to purchase.

Think of your Video in Box as a plumbers phone number around a tap – include a call to action. When the timing is right, make it easy for your customers to buy.

Your video is your brands identity and an opportunity to differentiate your product for the others. 

Talk to your customers.

Start a conversation with the person looking at your screen.