Tips when creating a Video in a Box.

When creating your video in a box there are lots of important things to consider to ensure your video brochure is the best it can possibly be.

  • Design. A good design is very important, it doesn’t have to be elaborate – often the simplest designs are the most effective. Consider your print finish. Sometimes little things can make a big difference and don’t always cost more.
  • Size. Contrary to common belief, size does mater! Your screen size should reflect your video content. A premium production will not play as well on a business card sized video, as on a 10inch. If you’re not sure, just ask to see it before you make any decisions.
  • Content. Make a good video. Make sure it resonates with your customers. It needs to be both engaging and informative – make your customers want to watch it over and over again! (ensuring they’re getting your message over and over)
  • Functionality. Your video brochure can hold both images and video, so think about volume controls, separate video buttons, headphone connectors – all available at no extra cost.

Another thing to consider is having a nice clean database – if there’s no one on the end of your creation, it isn’t much use!!

Happy Creating!!! (and if you need any help, give us a call)