What’s the difference between LCD and IPS?

Many of our new customers may not know the difference between an LCD screen and an IPS screen. By the end of this short blog post you will not only know the difference between the two but you will also know which one is the perfect screen for your video brochure.

What is an LCD Screen?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and, as the name suggests, they use liquid crystals to alter the wavelength of light that passes through them which allows them to generate a specific colour of light.

What is IPS technology?

IPS stands for In-Plane Switching and is a variation of the technology used in LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors. IPS LCD technology aligns the liquid crystals in a plane parallel to the glass substrates and features two transistors (instead of one) for each pixel.

What is the difference?

Our range of IPS screens have better colour accuracy and wider viewing angles than the LCD displays. The IPS technology allows you have a 178° viewing angle without seeing any colour shifting. A wider viewing angle is more desirable for your video brochure because it looks more professional and allows for more convenient watching. The increase is colour accuracy of the IPS version of LCD screen is due to the difference in technology. Including a screen that has better colour accuracy and quality will definitely impress your target audience which may lead to more enquires generated.

IPS and LCD screens are around 10mm thick which allows your video brochure to be as thin and as sleek as possible. There is a negligible difference in power usage so you do not need to upgrade your power system if you chose to switch to an IPS screen. There is also no difference in memory usage between the two and you do not need to upload a different video file to see the benefits of IPS technology.

The added benefits of an IPS screen do bring about extra costs however the difference is less than £2 per video brochure. Ultimately, we recommend to all of our customers to purchase the IPS upgrade. If you are making your custom video brochure the best it can be, you should definitely place the best screen technology inside it and for the little price increase, your customers will notice a huge difference.