The Various Industries Embracing Video Packaging!

At Video in a Box, we understand the pivotal role packaging plays in brand representation and customer engagement. That’s why we specialise in crafting bespoke video packaging solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across a wide spectrum of industries, from technology and healthcare to finance and beyond.



We provide expert advice and marketing solutions for our automotive clients for key events; we provide video direct mail for new product launches, in-showroom POS for sales and aftersales care, and we work with manufacturers of parts and accessories and fleet and corporate sales partners, creating and curating video content and video brochures.

Banking and Finance 

We work closely with our financial services clients to discover and create unique and new opportunities to combine the power of video with the precision targeting of direct mail. We combine expert data analysis with targeted video advertising to create powerful personalised messages to key customer segments.


At Video in a Box, we prioritise close collaboration with our clients to unearth exclusive and innovative opportunities that seamlessly blend the impact of video presentation packaging with the sophistication of luxury high-end drinks packaging.


Our involvement has been pivotal in introducing video packaging as a tool to both enhance educational experiences and market educational institutions’ visions and goals to prospective students. In an environment where competition is fierce, integrating video packaging within the education sector offers a distinct level of sophistication, making schools and universities more attractive to potential attendees.


We have collaborated with some of the most iconic brands in the entertainment and lifestyle industries to engage their audiences through compelling visual storytelling. Our diverse clientele includes renowned names such as the BBC, Disney, and ITV.

Health and Beauty

At Video in a Box, we are committed to working closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions that perfectly blend the appeal of video presentation packaging. We understand the importance of cosmetic packaging being visually appealing to effectively showcase a business’s brand name and image.


For sports businesses, video packaging offers innovative uses, such as exclusive event tickets, awards, and a dynamic method to introduce new players to fans. This strategy is exceptionally effective in social media marketing, where it can greatly enhance brand visibility. 


Video in a Box collaborates with retail brands, such as HERA and Primark, to develop advanced video solutions tailored for sales promotions, events, product debuts, and engaging with influencers and journalists. These strategies are invaluable in social media marketing, enabling brands to distinguish themselves, communicate their message clearly, and forge lasting impressions.


In the swiftly evolving tech market, video packaging perfectly complements the ‘wow factor’ that brands strive for. We excel in creating exceptional, high-quality promotional packaging that features cutting-edge HD video screens, designed to leave a lasting impression on your sophisticated clientele. This approach enables you to vividly bring your innovative ideas to life.


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