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Video in a box and World Transplant Games

World Transplant Games banner of high end luxury video packaging.


Video in A Box teamed up with the World Transplant Games in 2019 to produce a heart warming video box aimed at generating more donations for the worldwide competition. In 2019, these games were held in Newcastle Gateshead. The games are a celebration of a second chance of living to the full and the importance of these games when it comes to the awareness and attitude towards transplantation and the organ donor register cannot be overstated.

For over 35 years, the World Transplant Games Federation has been staging international sporting events and promoting education around transplantation, encouraging both the physical success of transplant surgery and the need to raise public awareness and increase organ donation. These games highlight the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle in the long-term management and well-being of transplant recipients as well as engaging the entire transplant community.

Video In a Box played a fantastic part this process by providing expert advice on how this charity should best advertise themselves through video marketing. The result was a bespoke video box targeting financial donors through a compelling video message from their team. When video merchandise is combined with luxury printed packaging the results speak for themselves. This packaging piece was a fantastic success and the World Transplant Games was won by Team GB.


Key Features

Coca Cola Video Box detail view of screen.

Transplant feature and HD screen

This charity games video box features a custom method of starting the promotional video content on it's 5" screen. At the centre of the box is a removable foam cube and when the user "transplants" this out of the box, the video starts. This physical action reminds the client what the World Transplant Games is all about and is therefore more motivating at getting financial donations to this charity. This idea was the brain child of our MD, Lee Robinson, and shows how Video In a Box are committed to making your video marketing campaign as personal and as memorable as possible.

When the target audience does the "transplant" a compelling video on an impressive HD 5" video screen starts. The screen is in the mid-range of the screen sizes that Video In a Box offer but is very dynamic at providing rich video content. This box does not feature any buttons because only one video was uploaded to the screen.

Coca Cola promotional video box shelf detail

Shelft and printed booklet

Beneath the HD video screen that displayed a heart-felt video sits an informational booklet describing everything about The World Transplant Games. The screen sits on a shelf which is lifted using a small ribbon, revealing the promotional printed brochure. The informational booklet had 50+ pages of captivating details of just how life changing transplants are and how the World Transplant Games Federation is seeking change. This video box guaranteed that the targeted audience engaged with the print and ensured more money was pledged to this wonderful charity.

 Coca Cola video box detail of foam fitment and promotional merchandise

Magnetic closure

This video presentation box featured a magnetic closure along the lid. The magnets are concealed within the branded printing and seal the box with very little effort. A magnetic closure adds a touch of class to your promotional packaging, clients often get a certain pleasure from a compelling 'snap'.

This packaging piece features ribbons to prevent the box from opening too wide which prohibits the inner edge of the lid from being damaged. Ribbons a very professional addition to your branded printed video box and create a very top-notch marketing solution.

Other Case Studies


Coca Cola Video Box detail view of screen.

Coca Cola

We worked with Coca Cola to produce a video box for the 2016 Rio Olympics, it contained Coke bottles and a glass to enjoy it in.
Glenfiddich bespoke video box


Glenfiddich celebrated a 50 year old malt whiskey through this video box which included a sample of this expensive drink.
Lucy Zodian Video Brochure

SAB Miller

SAB Miller and Video In a Box produced several video presentation folders to promote Miller Lite and Miller Draft.

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