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 When you're selling a product or service, your video can be the make-or-break moment for your potential customers.

A great video informs and inspires and gets your viewers attention. It shows them how your brand fits into your customers' lives and increases their overall happiness.

Video in a Box Video Production is based at Fleetwood Film Studios, a 1000 feet Green Screen Studio in the Thames Valley, between Reading and Basingstoke, with a 510 sq ft (with 3m high lighting grid) shoot area which can go from white to green instantly. We have a huge imported green screen that drops into the infinity cove - Just like Disney use. It's driven from the studio gantry and at 5m wide x 8m long and 3m high is wrinkle free has no corners, can be walked on and is lit perfectly for trouble free keying to infinity. Of course the entire infinity cove can go green too if you want it.

Fleetwood Film Studios has a large infinity cove, normally painted white, and the studio can be reversed in 5 minutes to allow you to shoot in complete blackout. Our heavy theatre drapes, dado lights and studio lighting grid can be set up in numerous ways to get the shot you are after.

Dry hire our facility where you bring your own crew or we can provide it for you. When you dry hire you get use of all grid lighting and help from our studio manager with your set-up. We have a wide range of additional equipment that you can hire if you need to. You will find us affordable and flexible.

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