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Promotional Video Boxes


Welcome to VideoInABox, where we proudly stand as your esteemed destination for extraordinary video box packaging solutions. With an illustrious history spanning more than two and a half decades, our unwavering commitment remains steadfast: to provide you with nothing less than top-tier video packaging products and services, all meticulously tailored to cater to a diverse spectrum of customer requirements.

Here at VideoInABox, we invite you to step into the dynamic realm of video marketing, where our offerings encompass a wide array of captivating possibilities. Explore the potential of our video brochures, video presentation boxes, video business cards, and video gift boxes. By embracing these solutions, you have the opportunity to elevate your marketing initiatives to new heights, basking in the sheer luxury and sophistication that our video boxes exude. Each of our creations is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, with the sole purpose of not just engaging but enthralling your targeted prospects.

We don't merely consider ourselves pioneers; we are your dedicated partners in the art of shaping memorable brand experiences. Through the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship, we aim to set your brand apart in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and communication.

Unlock the Power of Video: Introducing Our Video Presentation Boxes

Creating Awareness


Video boxes offer a unique opportunity to enhance brand perception and increase awareness among your target audience.

Shaping Decisions


Our video boxes have the ability to inform and persuade consumers, turning their initial impressions into strong convictions.

Boosting Sales


Maximize your sales potential, catering to both existing customers and potential prospects. Make the most of every chance to elevate your sales.

Nurturing Loyalty & Retention

video-brochure-corporate-giftEncourage repeat business from existing customers. Foster their loyalty to further strengthen and extend their ongoing support.

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What is a video box?

A custom branded video box represents a meticulously crafted and personalized packaging solution that seamlessly merges the compelling art of visual storytelling with cutting-edge marketing strategies. This innovative medium serves as a sophisticated and captivating vehicle for introducing your brand, products, or services to your intended audience. At its essence, a custom branded video box features an aesthetically pleasing exterior or packaging housing a top-tier video screen. This screen has the capacity to showcase tailor-made videos that are finely tuned to convey your brand's unique message, resulting in the creation of an unforgettable and immersive encounter for your viewers.

The versatility of custom branded video boxes is truly remarkable, as they can be entirely adapted to mirror your brand's distinct identity and objectives. They provide an interactive and multisensory experience that enthralls viewers and leaves an indelible mark. These versatile boxes find applications in an array of scenarios, from product launches and marketing initiatives to corporate presentations and promotional offerings. Whether your aim is to bolster your brand's visibility, engage your audience in a distinctive manner, or simply shine amidst fierce competition, a custom branded video box emerges as a formidable asset, with screen sizes ranging from 2.8" to 10" though we recommend opting for a 4.3" or larger screen for optimum impact.

What we do

Customised Options

Discover more about the available options and tailor your preferences to create a truly unique and satisfying encounter. 

Not just for video brochures but for video presentation boxes too. Simply click on the icons below to find out more!




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Branding Options & Extras

To enhance the visual appeal of video presentation boxes, there's a range of branding options at your disposal. Foil stamping is a popular choice, employing heat, pressure, and metallic or pigmented foil for a luxurious finish that exudes distinction. Additionally, spot UV coating can be selectively applied to elements like logos to create captivating contrast and depth.

When it comes to colour printing, full CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is the go-to choice for achieving vibrant and faithful reproductions of designs, especially when multiple colors are involved.

Lastly, the choice of lamination or coating plays a crucial role in shaping the box's aesthetics and tactile experience. Matte lamination imparts a subdued and sophisticated appearance, minimising glare. Gloss lamination provides a shiny finish that enhances colors, while soft touch lamination adds a velvety texture, creating a delightful tactile encounter that can significantly influence users' initial impressions and interactions with the product.


A custom branded video presentation box not only captivates visually but also boasts interactive features that engage your audience and create a lasting impression.

  • Triggers: These boxes offer various trigger options to initiate video playback. Choose a magnetic trigger for seamless automatic start upon opening, an on/off button for precise control, a light sensor for surprise when the lid opens, or a motion sensor for intuitive interaction.
  • Media Controls: Equipped with media controls, these boxes allow users to adjust volume, play/pause, fast forward, and rewind, offering a user-friendly viewing experience. You can preload multiple videos to play automatically or add separate buttons for easy navigation.
  • Customisation: These boxes offer extensive customisation options. Personalise them with custom foam or card fitments to secure specific items like notebooks, pens, or bottles. Preload videos in your preferred order to align messaging perfectly with your branding and marketing goals.

What we do

Uses of Video Boxes

Video boxes revolutionise business communication. With captivating visuals and interactive features, they leave a lasting impact on customers, partners, and employees. Combining traditional packaging with dynamic video content opens up creative communication avenues, ensuring your messages resonate and drive business growth.

  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Presentations and Sales
  • Gifts and Greetings
  • Educational and Training
  • Corporate Communication
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Events and Trade Shows
  • Memorabilia and Souvenirs
  • Brand Merchandise
  • Fundraising and Nonprofits
  • Real Estate
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Art and Entertainment
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Customer Engagement

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Examples of our work

World Transplant

HERA x Rachael Daly Influencer Box

Tailored to A4 dimensions with a 150mm depth, 7" HD screen, 258MB Memory storage, Auto play screen, CMYK colour print, Matt lamination finish.
World Transplant

Primark x Josh Denzel NBA Collection

Luxurious for board case and tray Influencer Box, Internal dimms: 400x300x160mm, 10" IPS screen, 3 Buttons, Full CMYK print, Matt finish with embossing and foiling.
World Transplant

Arsenal FC Video Box

To make it unique to Arsenal FC these 4 part magnetic case and base video boxes had internal dimms of 326x245x60mm, A 15mm satin ribbon pull, 10" Screen, Custom foam fitment and an embossed logo.
World Transplant

BMW Championships Video Box

These bespoke video boxes were created by uncoporating a 7" IPS screen, Full colour CMYK print, White side ribbon, Auto play, Internal dimms: 280x180x90mm.
World Transplant

Travel Innovations Group

These four board case and tray boxes featured two distinctive styles of foam fitments with a magnetic closure, 3 Buttons, CMYK print, Matt lamination, Depth of 120mm, 7" screen
World Transplant

Gucci Luxury Video Box

This luxury video box is a 4 board case with an internal tray which includes: A 10" screen, CMYK print, Spot UV, Foiling and embossing, Matt lamination, Auto play and Buttons. The internal dimms are 272x334x20mm.
World Transplant

Oh Polly x Emily Faye Miller Influencer Box

This vibrant green box was a 3 board case and tray with a 7" HD screen, finished with a full CMYK print and anti scuff matt lamination.
Luxury video presentation box for Sik Silk X Lionel Messi

Sik Silk X Lionel Messi Acrylic Video Box 

This features a 10" video screen, and is a 4 board magnetic case with an acrylic base, finished in full CMYK print, matt lamination and a black side ribbon. Internal dimms: 600x400x200mm.
Coca Cola

Coca Cola 

This Luxury Video Presentation box created for Coca Cola for the OIympics, which included: A 10” HD video screen, Gloss coating, Ribon pull for the lid and shelf, Bespoke foam fitment to house 3 bottles and a bottle opener.

Michelin x KwikFit 

For the captivating 4 board case and tray video boxes we incorporated a 10" IPS screen, a magnetic closure, Custom foam fitment with a printed card topper, Full CMYK print with matt lamination. The internal dimms: Oversize A4 Depth of 50mm

John Madden 23' EA Sports  

This beautiful tribute Video Box came together by adding a 7" screen, Full CMYK print, Anti scuff lamination, Thumb cutout, Lifting shelf, Astro turf layering, 15mm Pull ribbon. The internal dimms: 3 Board case and tray and 370x265x120mm.

Mannol Porsche 911   

To present a replica model of a Porsche 911 Turbo S car, the company Mannol created a 10" IPS Video Box with bespoke foam fitment. The Video Box incorporated a unique glass USB and a spot UV; enhancing Manol's brand name.
Puzzle Video presentation Box

HevyDevy Records Inc

This luxury video box for HevyDevy was used to promote their latest project. This features a 7" HD video screen, with an internal shelf, a foam fitment to hold some merch. This is a CMYK print with spot UV. 
Bo+Tee Luxury Influencer Video Presentation Box


This luxury influencer video box for Bo+Tee features a 7" HD video screen. This is a three board box, with 3mm board, with 5 comparment fitment seperatures to hold each item. 
My Little Pony Video Presentation Box

My Little Pony

This luxury video box for MXW Studios was sent to influencers across the UK and Europe to promote the new My Little Pony Movie. This features a 10" HD video screen, with a full colour print in a matt laminated finish.
Custom Video Box for 1E Limited

1E Limited

This custom video presentation box for 1E was used to send out gifts and an invtiation to a Rugby match. This video box has a 7" HD light sensor video screen. With a full CMYK print, in a matt laminated finish.
VOW Wholesale Custom Video Box

VOW Wholesale

This A5 video box for VOW Wholesale features a 5" HD video screen with a light sensor and a 256MB memory. This is a full colour print with a matt laminated finish. This was sent out to customers to promote a new project.
Video presentation box for Fujifilm Ultra

Fujifilm Ultra

This luxury video presentation box features a 5" video screen with 4 buttons, with a magnetic closure. This included a foam fitment to hold 4 tubes. With an internal hinged shelf with a ribbon lift.
video presentation box for fujifilm prime

Fujifilm Prime

This video presentation box features a 5" video screen with 4 buttons, with a magnetic closure. This included a foam fitment to hold an A4 brochure. This included an internal hinged shelf with a ribbon lift.
Fia video presentation box


This video presentation box for Fia featured a 7" HD IPS screen, containing a branded USB stick, an IDR unit and an A7 card. 
A5 video presentation box for Asana


This A5 video presentation box for Asana features a 5" HD video screen, with a memory size of 256MB. This is full CMYK print with a matt laminated finish.
Fujitsu video presentation box


This video box created for Fujitsu, featured a 7" HD IPS screen. Each box had unique pre-loaded videos for each NHS Worker they where sent to.
Ferrari video box


Ferrari used this bespoke video box to deliver a new notebook and pen to their clients.
Glenfiddich Whisky video box


Glenfiddich produced this luxury video box to present a sample of a £25,000 bottle of whisky.
Thames Qatar Video Box

Thames Qatar

This high end video box was created for Qatar Airways and contains a large 10" screen and a bespoke silk fitment to secure a branded brochure.
Chivas video box


This high end video box was a thank you present from Chivas their departing CEO.
Printed video box for GTEC


This printed video box features a play/pause button, a 5-inch HD screen and ribbons to prevent excess damage.
Video box with branded merchandise for Speedo


This branded promotional video box featured a 5-inch screen, a pause/play button and a custom card fitment to secure promotional merchandise.
Affari Video Presentation Box


This video presentation box features a 7" HD IPS screen, in an A5 landscape hardback. Inside the boxes where Bonsai tree care accessories.
Stryker video presentation box


This video presentation box featured a 7" HD IPS screen, in an removable sleeve so that is became a video card when separated.
Curious Panda Video Presentation Box

Curious Panda 

This video presentation box featured a 7" HD IPS video screen, containing a new era cap. These boxes where sent to influencers.

Be Grand

Video presentation box with integrated book pages and fitments for branded merchandise


This video presentation box featured high end metal brackets and fasteners with a 4-inch screen and 5 buttons.

Benzac Holistic 

Modular communication toolkit fitted with 7" screen and custom foam fitment

Base Connections

This video presentation box was made to look like a VHS tape box, features a pre-loaded video on a 7" HD IPS screen.


This video presentation box for Boohoo features a 7" HD IPS video screen, and was large enough to fit 3 pairs of jeans. 

Brooklyn Nets

This video presentation box for Brooklyn Nets  Featured a 7" HD IPS video screen, With a jersey showcased inside.

Be Well

High end promotional video box features luxury magnetic closure, 10” HD video screen and matt lam finish.
Chin Up

Chin Up

This high end video box for Chin Up features an auto-playing 5" TV screen with a custom foam fitment.


Luxury Video Presentation box created for G-Labs, stunning mat black paper with foiled logos, with a 7" HD video screen.

Granite Zone

This luxury display video box features a 7” HD LCD video screen and a removable sleeve that sits above the samples.

Gucci Christmas

Luxury Video easel with Christmas/New Years Messages with latest styles on catwalk


Slick little A5 video box with integrated shelf and 5" screen

Flag in the Sand

Luxury Concierge video brochure box 

Miller Genuine Draft

Custom Video Brochure with 7" HD Screen in a 6pp tri-fold hard backed for GD promotion 

Miller Lite

Produced along side the GD Video brochure to promote the Lite Beer

Miller Music Tour

Hard Backed video book with integrated 7" HD screen and music CD fitted onto the back page

New York Mets

Printed season ticket holder with video for New York Mets contains an HD screen  with other promotional items.
Reading football Club Video Box

Reading FC

Luxury video presentation pack for members to purchase with club jersey.

Royal Canin

This video presentation box for Royal Canin features a 7" HD IPS video screen. This was made to include 3 wet food pouches. 

Royal Canin Sensory

This video presentation box for Royal Canin for the sensory wet food range, features a 7" HD IPS video screen. This was made to include 3 wet food pouches. 

Spritz Studios

This luxury video box for Spritz Studios featured a 7" HD IPS video screen. Inside the box featured a bottle of gin, a gin glass and tonic water.
luxury drinks packaging with video

Stella Artois

Luxury drinks video presentation pack with 10" LCD screen to hold Stella Artois Chalices and components.

The Patriots

High-end video membership box for New England Patriots includes a season ticket and other a video screen. 
World Transplant

World Transplant Games

Highly custom Video box, video triggered by light sensor in upper layer, produced for no profit.
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