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Video in a Box are world leading manufactures of luxury and bespoke video brochures which store and play your videos inside a personalised brochure. Our printed video brochures feature an auto play design or a play/stop button, the auto play feature is either design with hidden magnets or light sensors.

Video in a Box can produce video brochures that contain multiple videos. The chip inside the printed video card will play the preloaded videos in numerical and then alphabetical order. The bespoke video brochure can also feature video buttons which, once pressed, play the selected video immediately. These personal videos are displayed on our HD LCD screens, giving the best impression to your clients.

Loading Screen: The custom video brochure can also feature a personalised loading screen which will appear for one to two seconds when the card is opened and when the video is loading.

Video Content

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How To Change Your Video  On Your Video Brochure

In our informative video, we walk you through the simple and straightforward process of managing your video content once you receive your video product. We understand that flexibility and customisation are key to delivering an exceptional user experience. That's why we empower you to easily change or delete videos on your device, putting you in complete control of the content you want to showcase.

Our video demonstrates step-by-step instructions on how to navigate through the intuitive interface, ensuring that you can effortlessly update your video library with new content or remove existing videos. With this capability, you have the freedom to tailor your video product to meet your evolving needs, keeping your promotional efforts fresh, engaging, and up to date.

Changing Video Content

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