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At Video in a Box, we specialise in crafting distinctive video business cards tailored to a diverse array of brands and organisations worldwide. Our sleek and slim business card design videos provide an unparalleled means of promoting your personal brand or business identity. Elevate the delivery of premier brands to the utmost level and unlock the full potential of your VIP customer relationships through our innovative LCD video business cards.

Our Branded Video Business Cards are meticulously custom-printed with your unique promotional design and loaded with your customised movie presentation. Using high-resolution LCD screens, Video in a Box ensures that your video content is displayed with stunning clarity, guaranteeing to captivate and deeply engage your clients. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with our cutting-edge video business cards that redefine how you connect with your audience.



  • Memorable Impressions: Video business cards leave a lasting impact on recipients, ensuring they remember your brand or message.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The use of videos captures attention and engages viewers more effectively than traditional printed cards.
  • Personalised Branding: Customised designs and content allow you to tailor your message to specific audiences and branding needs.
  • Versatility: Video business cards can convey a wide range of information, from product demonstrations to testimonials.
  • Global Reach: They can be easily shared digitally, expanding your reach beyond physical networking events.
  • Increased Credibility: Presenting your information in a dynamic and modern format can boost your professional credibility.
  • Differentiation: Stand out from competitors with a unique and innovative marketing tool.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Reduces the need for excessive paper-based marketing materials, contributing to sustainability efforts.
  • Convenience: They are compact and easy to carry, making them convenient for both you and your recipients.
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Some of our video business card work

aston martin

Aston Martin

This high quality slip case video business card example features a 2.4" video screen with two pop out sliding sides.
Video Business Slider Card For Angry Birds

Angry Birds

This Video business slider card for Angry Birds. Features a 2.4" video screen with a light sensor. This is a full CMYK print in a matt finish. 
billy boy

Billy Boy Condoms

This promotional TV business card is printed on black card and auto-plays the preloaded video.
car buyer

Car Buyer

This printed video business card has a one colour print with a small HD LCD video screen and speaker integrated within.


This promotional black video marketing business card has a full colour print and features a 2" LCD screen.


Branded promotional video brochure card with a full colour print on the front cover and inner flap, features a small speaker.


High end product example with a 2" LCD card video screen inside a bespoke slip case with high end ribbon pull.
lucy zodian

Lucy Zodain

This promotional video business card is the perfect small video brochure for your company, it is auto-playing.
video business card

Manuka Group

We fitted a video business card to a Manuka honey jar to showcase the product..
Video Business Card for Markes International

Markes International

This standard video business card was for Markes International to promote their new machinery. This features a 2.4" video screen. This is a full CMYK print with a matt laminated finish.
mcarthur glen

McArthur Glen

This printed slip case business card has a high end pull out ribbon and one colour print with a 2" video screen.


This promotional printed video business card was created for The London Cabaret Club and features full colour print.
Video Business Card for Tom Ford

Tom Ford

This video business card for Tom Ford features a 2.4" LCD video screen. This is a full CMYK print with gold foiling on the logo and a matt finish. This is a light sensor triggered video screen.
Video Business Card for Winprovit


This video business slider card for Winprovit features a 2.4inch video screen with a full CMYK print in a matt laminated finish. This features a ribbon handle allowing you to pull the slider card to reveal the video screen.

What are video business cards?

Branded Video Business Cards are small video packaging items which feature a video screen inside a business card sized package. They come in three styles, standard, single sliding and double sliding. They are the cheapest video merchandise item that we offer but that doesn’t mean they are the least effective! Cheap video business cards are the portable version of our point of sale screens that allow your message to travel further then you think.

Business card video productions are the perfect giveaway item and come delivered custom printed with your promotional bespoke design and are uploaded with your custom movie presentation. Create video business cards which feature an HD screen which has an LCD display (liquid crystal display) and conveys your video content in the most amazing way possible.

Your message can be as short or as long as you want with our wide range of variable on-board memory. Your message will be delivered through embedded speakers which can be hidden within your marketing card.

How much do video business cards cost?

There are several features that will affect video business cards price but the most important one is the quantity you order. Please have a look at our price guide to find specific details and compare the LCD video business card price and the different styles we offer. Otherwise, please call us and we will gladly provide a rough estimate on how much your bespoke video business card would be.

What style of video business card is best for me?

This is dependent on how you want your customers to interact with your digital marketing card and your budget. If you are looking for a basic option then the standard design is perfect for you and if you are looking for something a little different that has larger branding area then our range of sliding video business cards might take your fancy. To get a better idea, call us today and speak to our experts who have decades of experience in this field.

What video business card print styles and finishing do you offer?

As a video business card maker the majority of the video business cards that we produce are full colour print (either CMYK or pantone) and have a protective and aesthetic matt/non scuff lamination. You can add extras such as foil stamping, spot UV, embossing and debossing which do add to the cost of your product but do create so much more impact.

Your card can also feature a magnetic closure which plays your video automatically when the card is opened, alternatively you can have an on/off push button. Order a mock up video business card and see for yourself, our video business card samples are there to help show the quality we can create.

Video marketing solutions and business card templates use the latest technology in LCD and IPS to create luxury video presentation boxes. IPS video screens make it easy to watch a video of perfect quality with a print finish to the packaging. Check out our latest products and other custom video packaging options on our products page.


Who else does video business cards?

It might seem strange for us to point out where else you can get a quote for these great products. At Video in a Box our main drive it to help clients get great video business cards for their projects, so if another company is more suitable to meet their needs then we're more than happy to make a recommendation. In our line of work, it's quite common to collaborate with other print packaging and merchandise organisations to meet certain bulk orders, agency work, specific areas of expertise, and to meet customer preferences. We have worked closely on projects with a number of different suppliers and rate several of them very highly. 

  1. Vidioh has offered video print solutions for over a decade now. They specialise in video brochures specifically but they also have a dedicated video business card page, just like us
  2. Fuse Innovation offer innovative tech-in-print options with the addition of some storage solutions. They too have a page just for their video business cards
  3. Video Plus Print have their head office in China, production facilities in Hong Kong and offices around the world. Again, their website includes a video business card page
  4. TV in a Card have several claims to be the first to offer various innovative video print solutions, it's another site with its own page for video business cards


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