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Video Business Cards

Video in a Box produces unique video business cards for a range of brands and organisations globally. Our slim video business cards offer a unique way to promote yourself or your business. Take premier brand delivery to the ultimate level and maximise your VIP customer relationships with video business cards from Video in a Box.

Branded Video Business Cards are custom printed with your promotional bespoke design and are uploaded with your custom movie presentation. Video in a Box uses high resolution LCD screen to display your video, it is guaranteed to captivate and engage your clients.

Aston Martin

This high quality slip case video business card features a 2.4" video screen with two pop out sliding sides.

Billy Boy Condoms

This promotional TV business card is printed on black card and auto-plays the preloaded video.

Car Buyer

This printed video business card has a one colour print with a small HD LCD video screen and speaker intergrated  within.


This promotional black video business card has a full colour  print and features a 2" LCD screen.


Branded promotional video business with a full colour print on the front cover and inner flap, features a small speaker.


High end video business card with a 2" LCD video screen inside a bespoke slip case with high end ribbon pull.

Lucy Zodain

This promotional video business card is the perfect small video brochure for your comapny, it is autoplaying.

McArthur Glen

This printed slip case business card has a high end pull out ribbon and one colour print with a 2" video screen.


This promotional printed video business card was created for The London Cabaret Club and features full colour print.