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TV Through Glass-The future of Shopping

Video in a Box has revolutionised the world of retail shopping through our cutting-edge innovation of interactive touch TVs positioned discreetly behind your storefront window. Whether you're seeking Point of Sale Displays or Advertising Displays, our TV-Through-Glass solutions are entirely customised to align perfectly with your unique requirements, promotional campaigns, and retail demands. At Video in a Box, we specialise in crafting high-definition, top-tier screens that remain visible even under direct sunlight, effortlessly operating through the most resilient glass windows.

Embarking on a journey with Video in a Box means taking a significant step forward into the 21st century for your business. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today, and let us enhance your company's potential.

TV Through Glass-The future of Shopping

Estate Agents

Estate Agents

This is a large TV that sits behind the glass front of an estate agents and displays the current houses available.

21.5 Inch Smart TV

This smart tv has an IPS touch screen with anti-glare. Includes physical buttons, google play, screen mirror and auto rotate. 12 V, 2.5A, 6000 mAh.
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