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Technical Specifications

Video in a Box want to make your experience in the video promotional piece industry more enjoyable. We believe that the more you know about what Video in a Box can offer to you, the more inclusive and therefore enjoyable your experience will be. This category describes the technical aspects of our printed video brochures and will hopefully help you to figure out what you want and need. The categories are listed below, with links to their landing pages on the images and the titles.



All of Video in a Box's high end video brochures contain rechargeable batteries. Every promotional video business card supports a micro USB connection which is used to recharge the on-board battery.The standard battery lives vary between the size of each one. For 2.4" and 2.8" cards, the batteries last around an hour and the average battery life on other cards is 2 hours . More powerful batteries can be integrated on the cards if needs be. Batteries can be recharged up to approximately 1,000 times, a fully charged battery will stay charged for up to 3 months.  


Video in a Box manufactures video brochures that have an auto-start feature once the printed video card is opened. Our brochures can also be started with an on/off button if we require one. 

Video in a Box's brochures can feature media controls including Volume up and down, a Play/Pause button and Fast Forward and Rewind buttons. If you have uploaded 3 videos, you can also feature a button for each uploaded video. Many of our clients choose to integrate these function buttons to improve the usability of their luxury video packaging piece. 


Video in a Box manufactures high end and luxury video brochures that can be loaded with multiple videos. The more videos you wish to have, the greater capacity the video card must have. At Video in a Card, we don't over charge you, we offer memory sizes ranging from 256Mb to 16 GB and choosing the correct capacity for your card is very important to us.

Video in a Box will tailor your hard drives to your promotional video card to reduce your costs. An uncompressed 1080p video has an average size of around 120-130mb per minute of footage; 720p would be around 80-100mb per minute.

Print Quality

Video in a Box is here to create your perfect packaging solutions, and we offer a large range of printing techniques to make your packaging piece perfect for you. Our video brochures are available with full colour printing with a matt lamination or gloss lamination as standard. Video in a Box also provide you with bespoke finishes that add another level to your video brochure, these include: spot colours, spot UV, foil blocking, embossing and debossing. Adding bespoke alterations to your video brochure transforms a boring video brochure to a personal and cherished one, making it more effective at your targeted audience.


Video in a Box produces video brochures that fully support the recharging of the internal battery packs. Each of our bespoke printed video brochures is packed with a small USB to micro USB cable which is plugged into the micro USB port on the side of the brochure.It is essential that only a 5v cable and plug are used as higher than rated voltages will damage the batteries and cards. All USBs are rated at 5 volts so this factor will very rarely occur.

Screen Specifications

Video in a Box are specialists in all the video screen sizes available. We provide 2.4", 4.0", 4.3", 5.0", 7.0" and 10.1" screens for video brochures and 4.3", 5.0", 7.0" and 10.1" screens for our point of sale devices. Video in a Box wants your brochure to impress your client that is why most of our LCD video screens support an amazing HD resolution.If you are on a budget and still want an effective video brochure, a popular method of reducing the cost per brochure is use a smaller screen.


Video in a Box and Magellan World have worked together to produce a list of our most frequently asked questions with the goal to help you understand what we can offer you and how we may be able to assist you. Video brochures are complex promotional pieces, so we have also produced this technical category to inform you how Video in a Box operates. Our frequency asked question list is constantly being updated, however if there are any questions that you still need the answers for, contact us today and will be happy to help you. 

Video Content

Video in a Box manufacture and produce high end video business cards that feature the ability to hold and play multiple videos. Our branded promotional video brochure features an autopay device, allowing your videos to seamlessly play one after the other. The chip inside the promotional video card will play the preloaded videos in numerical then alphabetical order. Your printed video brochure can also feature video buttons which once pressed, play the selected video.



Video in a Box can supply you with various video brochure sizes ranging from huge video booklets to small video business cards. We are experts in all the avaible sizes, we have wokred closoely with many clients to make thier brochure specials

Video in a Box is also unique in the fact that we offer bespoke shapes for the brochure, instead of the boring rectuanglar and square shapes. We have manufactured many obsurce shapes including the tail of an airplane, it featured a 4" screen.