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The Client

Speedo International Limited is a distributer of swimwear and swimming accessories based in Nottingham England. They are well known for their swim briefs. Founded in Bondi Beach, Australia in 1914. Speedo is popular worldwide, sold in many retailers online, and in stores, as well as leisure centres. 

The Target Market

The target market for Speedo is swimmers, whether its professional swimmers, amateurs, beginners or just a Hobbie. Speedo sell swimwear and swimming accessories such as Swimming goggles and Caps, used by professionals, adults, children worldwide. Sold within swimming arenas, sports shops, online retailers. 

Speedo Video Presentation Box - Opened/Unfilled
Speedo Video Presentation Box - Closed/Front Lid

The Brief

These bespoke video boxes were sent out to professional swimmers across the globe, this was used to send them a selection of swimwear and swimwear accessories from their new range the FastSkin LZR pure Intent collection. They needed the boxes to be personal to each swimmer and to send a message. 

The Challenge

The video boxes where fully custom, this large video box needed to have compartments to hold each individual item, it needed to have personalisation, which meant having the name of each swimmer on the outer wrap of the box. So, each box had a personal touch. They needed to look sleek, and fit in with their branding. 

Speedo Video Presentation Box - Video Screen
Speedo Video presentation Box - Final Product

The Results

These bespoke video boxes came out looking incredible. They fit all the items inside perfectly, the video screen displayed the message they wanted it to, showing off the new range that was inside. Each box had the swimmers name printed on the front showing the swimmer a message just for them. “Made For This” is the motto for this new range for Speedo. Referring to the Collection being made for racing, for professional swimmers. 

Want to learn more?

Our Managing Director, Lee Robinson, has over 20+ years experience in providing high quality and memorable promotional merchandise shows you the Royal Canin video boxes, and goes over the specifications of the boxes.

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