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The Client

Royal Canin is a French manufacturer of dog and cat food. A subsidiary of Mars. The company undertakes research into the formulation and testing of breed and symptom specific nutritional requirements of cats and dogs. Founded in 1968, Royal Canin is worldwide known and recommended by vets.

The Target Market

Royal Canin’s target market is people who own pets, vets, and many other businesses who sell pet food etc. Royal Canin provide pet food for many different dietary requirements and are great for pet owners who need something to help their dog without the expense of an extra treatment plan, or trying to figure out a way to get their pet to take a tablet. 

Royal Canin Wet Food Video Box - Closed
Royal Canin Wet Food Video Box - Open

The Brief

Royal Canin wanted video boxes to promote their new range of cat food, sensory cat food to be exact. They wanted a small box that could fit a few pouches from the new range. They wanted a video box so they could have a video showing the consumer why their new range was for them and was the best. How the new range was formulated etc.

As well as the cat food box Royal Canin had another video box they needed to fit a dog bowl which measures the weight of the food, as well as the dog food they were promoting inside, again a video was a must have to show the consumer what they would be investing in.

The Challenge

We needed to get these boxes to fit Royal Canin's colour scheme and their company branding, we wanted to stick to the traditional white and red colours for the boxes. We also needed to make these completely custom to fit the item inside. This would need fitments to hold these in place. 

Royal Canin Video Box - Closed
Royal Canin Video Box - Open

The Results

The cat food box came out looking amazing, with a silique design including some spot UV, and a purple inner case holding the three pouches of cat food. This was the perfect size for promoting the new range.  

The dog food box was a great success, this was the first video box we produced for Royal Canin, and the fitment inside was perfect holding the bowl and food in place. Sticking with the traditional white and red theme with some spot UV on the lid of the box. These where well received by the brand and their consumers, resulting in future projects including the cat food box. And a video brochure. 

Want to learn more?

Our Managing Director, Lee Robinson, has over 20+ years experience in providing high quality and memorable promotional merchandise shows you the Royal Canin video boxes, and goes over the specifications of the boxes.

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