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Background & Challenge

Primark, renowned worldwide for it's wide selction of clothing, home and beauty options, collaborated with Josh Denzel over the past two years; designating him as their sporttwear ambassador. Together, they introduced an NBA-themed collection.

Josh Denzel has a successful career in commentating NBA games and working with numerous television networks and social media platforms. where he has even had the opportunity to go to Abu Dhabgi and New Orleans. To undersocre his deep rooted commitment to the sport, Primark designed luxurious Video Presentation Boxes to showcase their latest work to others.

These tailor made Video Presentation Boxes serve as a tangable testament of Primarks unwavering dedication to attention to detail. They encapsulate the core essence of their partnership with Josh and their shared passion for NBA; these boxes not only spotlight their devotion and also illumiate the correlation of sports and fashion.

Background & Challenge


To align the Influencer Presentation Boxes with the distinctive collaboration between Primark and Josh Denzel, the following specifications were carefully chosen to ensure that the packaging impeccably complements the essence of the collection.

  • Four Board Case and Tray
  • Maggnetic Closure
  • Internal Dimms: 400x300x160mm
  • 10" IPS Screen
  • Three Buttons - Play / Pause, Volume Up / Down
  • Pre Loaded Video 
  • 16GB Memory
  • Full CMYK Print
  • Matt Lamination
  • Embossing and Foiling
  • Black Side Ribbon

The Print

In line with Josh's dedication to the NBA and the collaboration, the print needed to radiate luxury. Specifically, the box's external appearance was a basketball inspired by a basketball aesthetic; these features were accentuated through a blend foiling and embossing techniques. Enhanced by the presence of Primark's and Josh's names against a sophisticated black lamination finish. The focus on detail in crafting the boxes underscore the substantial commitment and dedication in ensuring the quality of their design creations.

The result is a presentation box that flawlessly captures their collaborative vision and serves as a tangible representation of the dedication and passion shared by Primark and Josh Denzel for their NBA-inspired collection. It encapsulates the fundamental qualities of luxury and craftsmanship that define their partnership.

the print

YouTube Video

For an in-depth exploration of the luxurious Primark x Josh Denzel Influencer Presentation Box featured on our website, you've come to the right place. While our webpage provides a sneak peek into what we offer, our aim is to provide a comprehensive explanation and give you a close-up look at this project.

Our Managing Director hosts a YouTube video that goes beyond the surface and delves into the intricacies and finer details of the finished product. In this video, you'll gain insights into elements such as the thought process behind the print design, the integration of the video screen, and the overall box design. If you share our enthusiasm and are curious about the meticulous craftsmanship that went into creating this pinnacle of luxury, we extend an invitation to watch our YouTube video. Prepare for an truly captivating experience.

youtube video

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