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How much do video brochures cost?

Video In a Box have put together this video brochure price guide to help you select the best video merchandising product for your marketing campaign. In summary, the price of your branded video brochure is greatly influenced the screen size and the quantity ordered.

Video In a Box are dedicated to making your video brochure dreams a reality. Our process is as smooth as possible and we guarantee there are no hidden costs when working with us. Our price guides and POs breakdown costs associated to video brochure production, setup, origination and delivery to one UK address. We do offer global shipping as well as a distribution service where we are able to individually package your video brochures and distribute them globally. The costs to this are as individual as your project is so please get in contact with us.

It does not cost extra to have multiple video files on your video printed brochure. However, having multiple video content may need the battery capacity and memory size to be upgraded plus buttons to be added around your screen. Contact us today to get a specific price for your video marketing solution.

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How much do video brochures cost?
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World Transplant games video box.

Video Brochures

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Video Boxes

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Video Business Cards

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What affects the price of a video brochure?

Screen type and size

We have a wide range of screen sizes from as small as 2.4" to our largest at 10" across diagonally. Our screens are available in either SD or HD and we also offer In-Plane Switching screen video brochures (IPS). IPS video brochures feature: faster response times, wider viewing angles, better colour/contrast than standard LCD screens and outstanding colour accuracy and screen consistency.

Minimum order quantity

Video In a Box have no minimum quantity on your bespoke video brochures or promotional video boxes. The cost per unit of your video brochure will greatly decrease with the more units you order, we also offer no maximum order quantity.

Onboard memory

Video In a Box can provide video cards from 128 MB to 4 GB onboard memory capacity for all your marketing video brochure requirements. The onboard memory that you will need is dependant on: how long your videos are, how many videos you have and the size of your screen.

For a short video on a 5 inch video screen or smaller, 128 MB is suitable and for a 7 inch video screen or larger, 256 MB would be fine. Uploading long videos or as many as 10 separate videos is not an issue, Video In a Box are happy to met any requirements you have.

Battery life

A standard battery inside a video screen brochure has the capacity to provide continuous playing for around 2 hours. This figure is dependant on the size of your screen and how many videos you switch between however it is a good rule of thumb. If 2 hours is not enough then Video In a Box can offer to upgrade the capacity of the batteries to lengthen the playing time between charges.

Printing and print finishes

With Video In a Box, it does not cost extra to print on the front, back, inside or spine of our video brochures. Our standard video brochure is a fully printed soft back brochure, however this may be upgraded to feature professional packaging finishes. Our range of extras includes: spot UV gloss or matt finish, hot foiling, embossing and debossing.


If you have multiple videos on your video brochure, you can place buttons around your video screen which allow your user to select which video they wish to view. The cost of adding buttons to your video brochure does not greatly increase the cost of your video brochure, get in touch with us to get specific video brochure costs.

Upgraded features

If you are looking to make your video brochure or video box completely personalised, Video In a Box offer further upgrades. The video screen within your brochure can be upgraded to be touch screen, this makes your brochure more interactive and is more likely to generate you business. LED in Print can also be added to increase the impact of your video merchandise. Here, LEDs can be embedded under transparent print, these LEDs tickle your customer's senses and capture their attention.


Video marketing is the most dynamic tool is your marketing toolkit and there is no need to re-purchase any video brochures if your video changes. The video you upload onto all our SD and HD screen video brochures may be changed easily via the micro USB cable and the brochure may be recharged. Video In a Box supply a USB charging cable with each unit ordered. Simply plug your video brochure into your PC or Mac and upload a new video.

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