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Point Of Sale Screens - POS  Video Displays

Video in a Box provide bespoke video in print point of sale solutions that can be manufactured with motion sensors, button controls, stand alone or networked. Video in a Box’s POS screens can be powered by long life internal batteries, making them uniquely portable with no external wires required.

Video in a Box manufactures video Point of Sale devices designed to enhance customers’ in-store experience and get your brand noticed. We bring you a range of smart video point of sale that can be bought off the shelf or made bespoke to suit your requirements.

Whether you are a retailer seeking a permanent display unit to attract and covert more in-store shoppers, or a brand wanting to make a noise in store, Video in a Box has the product to suit your needs.


Video Brochures With Stand

POS (Point of Sale) video displays have evolved beyond their traditional role in retail settings. With our range of LCD screens ranging from 2.4" to 10.1", these displays can now double as video brochures with stands, making them versatile marketing tools. These displays come equipped with rechargeable batteries and 2W speakers, ensuring that your content is not only visually engaging but also accompanied by clear, impactful sound.

To enhance user interaction, we offer customizable extras such as play/pause buttons or volume control buttons, allowing you to create an interactive and immersive experience for your audience. Whether you're promoting products, showcasing services, or delivering important information, our POS video displays with stands are the perfect solution to captivate and engage your target audience.

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21.5 Inch Smart TV

This smart tv has an IPS touch screen with anti-glare. Includes physical buttons, google play, screen mirror and auto rotate. 12 V, 2.5A, 6000 mAh.
regus expo

Regus Expo

This high end point of sale video screen has been integrated into a vertical brochure stand.
video point of sale for C-Suite

C-Suite Network

Custom made acrylic video point of sale unit has been integrated into a vertical brochure stand.
Super Laser

Super Laser

This seasonal high end video presentation brochure has a 7" TV Screen and a built in stand with a full colour print.


This video brochure has a stand to be used as a POS display, rechargeable battery, LCD Screen and 2W speaker.
Video Brochure Stand

Video Brochure Stand

This seasonal high end video brochure stand has a 5" LCD Screen, button controls with a full colour print.

AEG Acrylic

Custom made acrylic video point of sale unit has been integrated into a stand with a 7" LCD Screen.
i kettle


This HD LCD video screen has been implanted into a small promotional display for a kettle controlled by an app.


This seasonal high end video displayer has a 7" HD Screen and a built in stand with a full colour print. and foladable stand
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