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Pharmaceuticals Video in a presentation Pack

Video in a box’s video brochures are useful tools to study of the causes and cures of physical ailments, disease, injury treatment, nutrition, fitness and health assessment. With interchangeable videos, companies are able to address the specific needs of each individual simply by uploading relevant and tailored video content to a single video brochure.

Our pharmaceutical video brochures and medical video cards provide instant access to high-quality video aids, both for medical professionals and students - as well as patients.

Video in a Box has placed science in to video brochures for brands such as Pfizer, GE, Unilever, Transitions Lenses, Coopervision, Lloyds Pharmacy and many other innovative healthcare companies.


This branded pharmaceutical video borchure features a 7" display screen and a A5 ring binded document.


This pharmaceutical video borchure combines a printed booklet with a HD LCD video screen 


This printed promotional pharmaceutical retail video brochure has an embeeded 5" screen and full colour print.