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At Video in a Box, we understand the significance of making a lasting first impression. The role of product packaging cannot be overstated in ensuring the success of your client's campaign. Video in a Box specializes in providing bespoke video packaging solutions of the highest quality and impact.

We offer a wide range of customization options, ensuring your Video Box is aligned with your business; not to mention, placing you ahead of your competitors. Our dependable communications enable global connections.

At Video in a Box, we excel in crafting personalized communications that combine impact with a personal touch, making for a unique and effective marketing tool. Discover more of our work below!

Video in a box
Primark Collaboration Video Box Logo

Primark x Josh Denzel

Video in a Box played a pivotal role in curating the Primark x Josh Denzel NBA collection; Josh has worked with Primark for the last two years, and became their first sports ambassador. Their parternship showcases Josh's love for the NBA and his career with commentating the biggest games.

The final outcome of these Video Boxes were entirely bespoke, featuring a 10-inch screen. Primark's emphasis was on ensuring that the high quality print effectively portrayed the look of a basketball; through embossing and matt lamination. Find out more here.

BMW Championships

The BMW Championships, a prestigious golf tournament of global renown, is an eagerly anticipated event that captures the attention of enthusiasts throughout the year. Its reputation as a world-class competition draws anticipation and excitement from fans around the globe.

This year, BMW wanted to introduce luxurious video boxes. This sophisticated marketing tool was designed to showcase an exclusive pre-event experience to its VIP guests, featuring VIP tickets and exclusive merchandise. Find out more.

BMW Video presentation box - Logo
HERA Video Box Logo

Hera x Rachel Daly

HERA, an e-commerce brand, embraces social media for marketing. Their collaboration with England Lioness Rachel Daly led to the creation of unique influencer video boxes, tailored to offer an exceptional and personalized experience to the recipients.

The video box drew inspiration from Rachel Daly's meaningful tattoo's; lillies for her mother, a butterfly for the memory of her father and a lion for her team deovotion. This blend of personal elements transformed the packaging into a heartfelt expression, of Rachel Daly's identity and HERA's partnership comitment. Discover more.

Arsenal FC

Focused in 1886, Arsenal Football Club has evolved into an iconic figure in the releam of football, currently plaing in the Premier League; one of the biggest football compeititons. Calling Emirates Stadium in London their home ground.

The finalised video presentation box had a 10-inch screen incorporated, that seamlessly aligned with the brochure, sloted in the custom foam fitment. Their goal was to engage their audience through an embossed logo and a spot UV finish. Find out more.

Travel Innovation Group Case Study Logo
Oh Polly x Emily Faye Miller -  Case Study logo

Oh Polly 

Oh Polly, a popular online fashion brand, has a target market of 16-34 year olds and consistently deliver stunning collections; ranging from elegant attire to stylish everyday wear. They teamed up with Emily Faye Miller in order for her to design her own collection.

Their vision included the creation of influencer video boxes, featuring vibrant CMYK print and 7-inch IPS screens. These boxes serve as a canvas for showcasing Emily's collection and a strategic marekting tool. Read more here!

oh polly

EA Sports Madden 23'

EA Sports approached us seeking assistance in crafting an opulent video box package to honor the iconic John Madden and his illustrious NFL career. To complement their video game release and align it with the Madden legacy, the video box was designed with a 7-inch screen and customized Madden merchandise.

As an added touch, a piece of green astro turf was placed at the bottom of the video box to immerse the recipient in the NFL experience. Offer fans a unique experience that celebrated his enduring legacy.  Discover more here.

John Madden
EA Sports madden 23'
John Madden Case Study logo

Coca Cola

This luxury video box was designed specifically for Coca Cola, showcasing the exceptional quality of products that Video in a Box can deliver. This bespoke video box was exclusively crafted for the Rio Olympics and included a variety of promotional items.

The Coca Cola video box boasts a glossy four-color print finish that enhances the clarity and sharpness of both text and images. Moreover, this glossy lamination printing not only enhances aesthetics but also offers remarkable durability by effortlessly repelling dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Discover more here.


Known for it's upmost sense of luxury, Gucci is an italian high end retailer who produce the finest quality products; resonating with their brand image, Gucci desired an opulent video box. Housing products and brochures. Their video message tells their recipients about the latest collection they've designed.

To make the video presentation boxes aligned with Gucci, they wanted the finer detials such as gold foiling and a full colour print. Considering their recipients, Gucci wanted to have 5 buttons to the left of the 10-inch screen; these features are in place to captivate a wider audeince. Read more here.

Gucci Case Study Logo
Travel Innovation Group Case Study Logo

Travel Innovation Group

Travel Innovation Group specialize in delivering innovative products to the travel industry; including airlines, cruise lines and hotels. To say thank you to their shareholders and offer their appreciation, Travel Innovation Group wanted beautiful video boxes with gifts housed inside. 

The end result of these elegant A3 video boxes had a 7-inch IPS screen and offered either a bottle of Perrier Jouett or products from Aspinal of London; they were protected in transport due to the custom foam fitment. Discover more here.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a distinguished French company that has been crafting premium cat and dog food since it's opening in 1986. As a globallyrecongized and respected brand, it has built a strong reputation for delivering top-quality pet nutrition; veterinarians frequently recommend Royal Canin products.

Royal Canin wanted video boxes to display their new cat food range, especially the sensory cat food, in a compact container. They aimed to use the video box to show consumers why their new range was the top choice for quality. Find out more here.

Speedo Case Study Logo
SikSilk x Messi Case Study Logo

Lionel Messi x SikSilk

This stylish and captivating acrylic video box was curated for the partnership of Lionel Messi and SikSilk; the perfect collaboration. Messi is a renowned football player who has bought out his own collection with SikSilk, who are a Uk based fashion retailer.

To enhance their collaboration, Video in a Box suggested creating an exclusive presentational video box, making a larger impact for the unboxing experience. This box housed products from Messi's collection, amplifying the dedication of this partnership to recipients. Discover more here.


As an online retailer, Boohoo utilise social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy. The video element of the box enabled Boohoo to highlight their new and exclusive collection, to those who were lucky enough to receive this box. 

The main focus was to create an unboxing experience that would impress the influencers and their followers,  Increased social media exposure for this product was key, as this would then lead to an increase in sales and raise their brand awareness; gaining a competitive advantage within the fashion industry. Find out more!

BooHoo Case Study Logo
Glenfiddich Case Study Logo


Glenfiddich came to Video in a Box seeking help to manufacture a video presentation box;  suitable to carry a sample a bottle of their outstanding whiskey. Valued at £25,000. We were honoured to help out with such a luxurious project.

This video box featured a 10-inch HD IPS screen to display Glenfiddich’s passionate video describing their new whisky, which has been aged for 50 years. When unveiling the box, you'll be presented with a custom foam fitment covered in silk. Read more here


Speedo, a distributor specializing in swimwear and performance-enhancing accessories, were founded in Bondi Beach in 1914. They approached Video in a Box seeking assistance in crafting video boxes.

Their objective was to dispatch their newest FastSkin LZR Pure collection to professional swimmers, featuring personalized video screens to convey individualized messages to each recipient. Find out more here.

Speedo Case Study Logo
Fujitsu Case Study Logo


Fujitsu Ltd is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in information and communications in technology equipment and services. Utilised by many around the globe everday.We presented the idea of using a video box to send a personalized message to each recipient.

Fujitsu then went the extra mile by recording individual videos for every person receiving these boxes; making it more special. Each box also included a personalized note specifically addressed to the intended recipient. Disocver more here.

Michelin x KwikFit

Michelin and KwikFit made the strategic descion to embark on a joint venture, highlighting how they both coincide to help the public. They had an objective to showcase their vision of excellence on a global scale, gaining trust from the public.

By implimenting video boxes into your strategy, you can visually tell a story and engage your target audience. Which is exactly what happened in this partnership. Michelin and KwikFit wanted a 10-inch IPS screen and bespoke custom fitments, to tailor to the brochure that is explaining the partnership.  Find out more here.

Michelin x KwikFit Case Study Logo
Fujifilm Case Study Logo


On a global scale, Fujifilm has established a strong reputation for its digital cameras and copiers. Nevertheless, the company has shifted their focus towards the business sector. Fujifilm kindly offered to supply us with the printed materials needed for these boxes,

These print materials will be integrated into the box manufacturing process along with the 7-inch IPS screens. They showed us two different packaging options for the prime print system and the ultra-print system. Read more here.

Tech 21

Our role in Tech 21's Custom Branded Video Boxes project was a meticulously planned and executed effort. These video boxes went beyond typical packaging, designed to captivate and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

Choosing the bold Pantone 185C red for the logo on the box exterior was a smart move. This eye-catching color instantly grabs your attention and really shows what Tech 21 is all about, making a strong impression from the moment you lay eyes on the box. Discover more here.

Tech 21 Case Study Logo
World Transplant Games Case Study Logo

World Transplant Games

Video in A Box collaborated with the World Transplant Games in Newcastle, to create a touching video box. This initiative aimed to boost donations for the global competition; emphasizing its significance in promoting awareness and a positive attitude towards organ transplantation.

The outcome was a customized video box designed to engage financial donors with a compelling message from their team. Combining video merchandise with high-quality printed packaging speaks volumes about the impact it can have. Disocver more here.

premier Place 

Premier Place, an upscale office space available for rent, conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Liverpool Street in London, approached us with a request for 7-inch video brochures. Premier Place wanted a product that has the 'wow factor'n in which we were more than happy to help.

These A5 brochures were designed to make a lasting impression on potential clients, and to achieve this, we incorporated gold foiling to add that extra touch of sophistication and appeal. Find out more here.

Fujifilm Case Study Logo
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