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The Background

Oh Polly, a renowned online fashion brand recognized for its affordability with a touch of luxury, teamed up with reality show winner Emily Faye Miller for an exclusive collection. By leveraging Emily's prominent presence, they aimed to seamlessly blend her persona with the Oh Polly brand, resulting in a distinctive collaboration. To set themselves apart in the crowded influencer landscape, they introduced luxury influencer video boxes inspired by the collection's themes, thereby enhancing the initial unboxing experience.

These luxury influencer video boxes were intricately crafted to symbolize the essence of the collection, intensifying the excitement upon opening them. In a saturated influencer market, Oh Polly and Emily were determined to find a unique element that would elevate their partnership, and these boxes left a lasting impression while enhancing the overall impact of their collaboration.

the Background

Luxury Influencer Packaging

Customized video boxes have been surging in popularity as a way to deliver an immersive storytelling experience, infused with the highest level of luxury. Let's delve into the specifics of how we transformed the concept into reality with the Oh Polly x Emily Faye Miller box:

  • Internal Dimms: 280x250x100mm
  • 3 Board Presentation Video Box
  • Influencer Pacakging
  • 3mm Thickness
  • 7" IPS Screen
  • Auto Play
  • 258MB Memory
  • Full Colour CMYK Print
  • Anti Scuff Matt Lamination
  • Side Ribbon (black)
Luxury influencer packaging

The Video Screen

Incorporating a video screen into your Influencer Packaging significantly enhances the unboxing experience, as demonstrated in our recent collaboration with Oh Polly, on their partnership with Emily Faye Miller. The seven inch screen featured Emily showcasing her latest collection and the entire design process.

Recipients recieved a visually captivating story that elevants elegance. This personalised touch adds an extra layer of connection with those who unveil the box, ensuring a memorable but immersive experience. Transcending the ordinary.

Video Packaging not only introduces a unique level of personalisation but also creates both a memorable and enduring interaction; in this project, it enabled recipeients to immerse themself into Emily's collection. Subsequently, fostering a deeper connection and transforming the unboxing experience into a truly unforgettable moment.

the screen

The End Result

The result of the Oh Polly x Emily Faye Miller video influencer boxes can be succinctly described in three powerful words: beautiful, captivating, and unforgettable. These meticulously crafted boxes were strategically distributed to influencers across the globe, serving as the perfect medium to unveil the excitement surrounding the latest collection. Magellan played a pivotal role in meticulously packaging and shipping each box, ensuring that every intricate detail was flawlessly executed.

This harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic allure not only delighted the influencers but also inspired them to generate user-created content on social media platforms. This, in turn, amplified the buzz and anticipation surrounding the highly awaited launch of the collection.

the end result

Other Case Studies

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HERA X Rachael Daly Influencer Box

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BMW Championships Video Box

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