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The Client

Michelin and KwikFit embarked on a strategic endeavor to enhance their global footprint through the utilisation of Video Presentation Boxes. Their objective was to convey their shared vision of excellence on a global scale. KwikFit, a prominent car servicing company based in the UK, has maintained a longstanding partnership with Michelin, the renowned French tire manufacturer dating back to 1889, serving as its trusted tire supplier. By incorporating video boxes into their promotional strategy, both companies demonstrate their commitment to innovation and their intent to effectively engage a worldwide audience.

Receiving one of these distinctive video boxes was a sincere honor, symbolizing the joint dedication of these companies to their customers and their unwavering pursuit of exceptional performance. Beyond their role as promotional tools, these luxurious video boxes were meticulously designed to serve as unique embodiments of their partnership, elevating their brand image and further reinforcing their pledge to provide outstanding products and services.

The Client


The Michelin x Kwik Fit box achieved a high-end and luxurious standard through the incorporation of the following specifications:

  • 10" IPS Screen
  • 2GB Memory
  • Internal Dimensions: Oversize A4 Depth of 50mm
  • 4 Board Case and Tray
  • Magnetic Closure
  • 3 Buttons - Play / Pause, Volume Up / Down 
  • Custom Foam Fitment 
  • Printed Card Topper 
  • Full Colour CMYK Print
  • Matt Lamination Finish
  • White Side Ribbon 
  • Thumb Cut Outs

The Video Screen

Incorporating a video screen into your presentation packaging represents a significant advancement in communication, enabling the art of visual storytelling and fostering deeper connections with your intended audience. This innovative addition not only enhances the user experience but also provides a level of adaptability that was previously beyond the reach of conventional packaging. Through video packaging, you possess the capability to tailor your message to your products while exuding a sense of opulence as premium visuals unfold before your audience's eyes.

Video packaging offers unmatched customization possibilities, allowing you to align it seamlessly with your brand identity and the products you are showcasing. This means you can choose from a variety of screen sizes and storage capacities to precisely tailor the experience to your requirements. To ensure the ultimate visual experience, the screens are equipped with IPS technology, delivering sharpness, color accuracy, and sophistication that genuinely distinguishes your packaging.

the video screen

The Three buttons

The incorporation of play and pause feature buttons imparts an elegant touch to the video box's design, enhancing the overall user experience. These buttons serve not only a practical function but also become integral visual and tactile elements of the packaging. They encourage immediate user engagement upon receiving the video boxes, setting the stage for an interactive encounter. This interaction with the brand reinforces an image of innovation, underlining a commitment to contemporary and user-centric design.

Furthermore, these buttons offer valuable control, allowing recipients to watch the video at their own pace, ensuring that they do not miss any important details. This increased control over playback enhances message retention, enabling viewers to revisit and delve into specific segments of the content, thus deepening their understanding and engagement.

the three buttons

YouTube Video

The final outcome of these video boxes stands as a remarkable testament to the steadfast commitment and refinement of the partnership. Every facet, ranging from the video screens to the carefully selected contrasting colours and the intricately crafted custom foam fitment, was meticulously planned to capture attention and enhance visibility.

These components seamlessly converged, turning the aspirations of Michelin x KwikFit into a tangible reality. The execution of this upscale presentation not only met but surpassed expectations, firmly establishing its role as a strategic marketing instrument that left an enduring impact.

We have a YouTube video available that delves deeper into the details, allowing you to visually witness how these specifications seamlessly merged. In the video, our Managing Director provides valuable insights, demonstrating how we can assist you in commencing your video packaging journey today.

youtube video

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