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Memory Cards-video packs

 Video in a Box design and produce luxury video packs that can contain mulitple videos. Designing your video pack specifications to perfectly suit your ideal brochure is very important to us, we dont want you spending unnexessary money purchasing our 16Gb cards and only use 2Gb of it. 

Video in a Box offer cards with capacties ranging from 256Mb to 16Gb and it is our job to tailor your hard drives to your promotional video card to reduce your costs.

To give you a rough estimate on the size of card you made need, an uncompressed 1080p video has an average size of around 120-130mb per minute of footage and a 720p video would be take up around 80-100mb per minute of video.


The standard memory card sizes are:

  • 256Mb
  • 512Mb
  • 1Gb
  • 2Gb
  • 4Gb 
  • 8Gb 
  • 12Gb





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