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Memory Cards-video packs

At Video in a Box, we specialise in designing and manufacturing luxurious video packs that can accommodate multiple videos. We understand the importance of creating video pack specifications that align perfectly with your desired brochure, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. We want to avoid a situation where you spend unnecessary money on purchasing a 16Gb card but end up using only 2Gb of it.

To optimise cost efficiency, Video in a Box offers a range of card capacities, ranging from 256Mb to 16Gb. It's our responsibility to tailor the storage capacity of your video pack to match your promotional video card, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses.

To help you gauge the approximate card size you may require, it's worth noting that an uncompressed 1080p video typically occupies an average of around 120-130Mb per minute of footage, while a 720p video takes up approximately 80-100Mb per minute of video content. By considering these estimates, we can assist you in selecting the most suitable card size that accommodates your videos without incurring unnecessary costs.

Memory Cards-video packs
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Memory Card Sizes

Video in a Box provides a range of standard memory card sizes to suit your specific needs. We offer the following options:

  • 256Mb: This memory card size is ideal for smaller video brochures and can store a significant amount of multimedia content, including videos, images, and audio files.
  • 512Mb: With a slightly higher capacity, the 512Mb memory card offers additional storage space, allowing you to include more extensive and engaging content in your video brochures.
  • 1Gb: This memory card size provides ample space to store high-quality videos, images, and other multimedia elements, enabling you to create impactful presentations and promotions.
  • 2Gb: With a 2Gb memory card, you can accommodate even larger files, enabling longer videos, higher-resolution images, and more complex multimedia content.
  • 4Gb: The 4Gb memory card offers increased storage capacity, allowing you to incorporate extensive multimedia content and create captivating video brochures.
  • 8Gb: This memory card size provides generous storage space, enabling you to include an abundance of multimedia files and create immersive and dynamic presentations.
  • 12Gb: With a 12Gb memory card, you have ample room to store a significant amount of multimedia content, making it ideal for comprehensive and extensive video brochure projects.

Memory Card Sizes

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