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Background & Challenge

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, influencer marketing continues to evolve. Recognising the significance of creating a unique brand presentation, HERA joined forces with influencer Rachel Daly to develop distinct packaging aimed at captivating their desired audience.

HERA is celebrated for its innovative branding and marketing strategies. This served as the driving force behind their collaboration with influencer Rachel Daly, who is widely recognised for her exceptional engagement and extensive reach. Their shared goal was crystal clear: to seamlessly merge the essence of both brands into a remarkable partnership that authentically reflected their core identities.

In the midst of a crowded influencer arena, HERA and Rachel Daly were dedicated to setting themselves apart, fostering genuine connections, and sparking the imaginations of those who received their content. Their creative solution manifested as a novel approach to unboxing. The design was inspired by Rachel's tattoos, thoughtfully translating her personal journey; a lion motif embodying her lioness spirit within England's women's football, lilies paying homage to her mother's favourite flower, and a butterfly resonating with memories of her father.

Background & Challenge


The dimensions of the box have been carefully selected at A4 size with a depth of 150mm, providing ample space to give an initial impression of abundant content within.

One of the standout features is the inclusion of a 7" HD screen within the packaging. This transformative addition elevates the packaging from a simple container to a multi-sensory and interactive encounter. The screen showcases the brand's message with remarkable clarity, allowing viewers to engage with the content in a visually striking manner.

To ensure that the video quality remains uncompromised, the video box is equipped with 258MB of memory. This emphasis on memory capacity highlights the brand's dedication to delivering high-quality and premium content that resonates with the audience.

The user experience is streamlined and engaging, thanks to the intuitive auto-play function. This feature eliminates any potential barriers to engagement by seamlessly initiating the video as soon as the box is opened, providing an immediate and captivating introduction to the video's narrative.

The design of the box also contributes to the overall experience. The addition of a chic black side ribbon and a matte-finished full-colour CMYK print not only offers a visually appealing aesthetic but also provides a luxurious tactile experience. This attention to design details enhances the overall presentation and makes the unboxing experience a truly special and memorable moment.


Outcome & Broader Impact

The HERA x Rachel Daly Influencer Presentation Video Box garnered an immediate and profoundly positive response, with its impact felt not only through direct feedback but also resonating across social media platforms. The dual sensory experience presented within the box captured the imagination of fans and customers alike, as influencers celebrated the seamless transition from the tactile opulence of the packaging to the immersive world of the digital narrative.

Moreover, the inclusion of the auto-play function within the presentation video box proved to be a masterstroke. This ingenious feature ensured a direct and immediate engagement with the heart of the brand's message, resulting in a heightened connection to the content and a stronger alignment with the fundamental objectives of the collaboration.

The resounding success of this innovative packaging strategy was evident not only in the praise received directly but also in the organic buzz it generated across social media platforms. By merging the tangible and digital realms, this approach succeeded in captivating audiences at multiple levels, making the collaboration between HERA and Rachel Daly a true standout in the realm of influencer marketing.

Outcome and Broader Impact


Not only did the main recipients notice, but the larger market also paid attention. As influencers shared their unboxing experiences, there was a clear rise in mentions and engagement metrics. Both HERA and Rachel Daly received praise for their creative approach. This natural spreading of the message clearly showed how effective the campaign was.

The success of this partnership confirmed that, even in a digital-saturated landscape, combining physical and digital experiences can create stronger and long-lasting connections. It sets an example, emphasizing that in the future, brands need to go beyond the usual methods and think creatively.

Through the HERA x Rachel Daly Custom Influencer Video Packaging project, the boundaries of influencer marketing expanded. By offering a rich experience that combined luxurious touch with digital storytelling, HERA reinforced its position as a forward-thinking brand. This effort highlighted the potential that arises when creativity meets technology.


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