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Video in a box and Glenfiddich

Coca Cola banner of video packaging and video boxes.


Glenfiddich wished to manufacture a video presentation box suitable to carry a sample a bottle of their whisky valued at £25,000. Glenfiddich came to Video In a Box as they knew we were the best manufactures and suppliers of video boxes and video brochures in the UK. Glenfiddich is actually the name of a single malt whiskey produced by William Grant and Sons who are the third largest producer of Scotch whisky. The Glenfiddich distillery was founded in 1886 and now produces 35% of all single malt sales.

Glenfiddich and our team discussed, at great length, what the key to a piece of high end, luxury packaging piece is. We settled on the design idea of a soft touch box with a spot UV gloss finish on the lid, a beautiful 10 inch screen inside and a custom foam fitment with a dark grey silk covering. The team and Glenfiddich were immensely impressed with the video box produced and everyone deems it worthy of the £25,000 a bottle whiskey it houses.

Key Features

Glenfiddich whisky video box detail view of top.

Luxury print finish and spot UV gloss

As mentioned before, the design team and Glenfiddich decided that a matt, soft touch lamination on the exterior of the box was the perfect solution for this luxury video box. A soft touch lamination provides a touch tingling sensation to all those who use this box and it marries perfectly with a touch of gloss spot UV to show off a brand in a modern way. The ability to be able to combine a contrast in finishes in a seamless way gives this box a very minimalistic design which places all the clients’ attention into that captivating 10 inch screen and their sample of high end whisky.


Coca Cola promotional video box shelf detail

Perfect 10 inch HD screen

This video box featured a 10 inch HD IPS screen to display Glenfiddich’s passionate video describing their new whisky which has been aged for 50 years. The 10 inch screen was the only choice in making this extravagant video box as it is the most expensive and exclusive option we can provide. This screen boasts a fantastic resolution of 1024 x 600 which makes it High Definition with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen was also features IPS technology which allows the screen to be viewed across 178° without any drop in the quality of colour you see.

 Coca Cola video box detail of foam fitment and promotional merchandise

Bespoke foam fitment with luxury cover

Inside this video box is the sample of the £25,000 bottle of whisky, two crystal glasses and a platinum whisky pipette all secured within a custom foam fitment. The foam fitment has a dark grey silk cover which hides the undesirable foam under a luxury feeling cover. The foam fitment protects the sample, the glasses and the pipette from any damage if this box were to be shaken or dropped, it is a must have in all packaging.

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Coca Cola Video Box detail view of screen.

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