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Functions of our video  brochures

At Video in a Box, we prioritise user-friendly design and convenience when creating and producing our video brochures. Our promotional video brochures are thoughtfully crafted to ensure a seamless experience. Upon opening the brochure, the embedded video automatically starts playing, typically within a brief 1-2 second delay.

To enhance functionality, our promotional printed video brochures are equipped with essential components such as their own USB cable. Additionally, we offer the option to include a protective case and a headphone socket for an enhanced multimedia experience.

Functions of our video brochures

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Function Options

At Video in a Box, we go the extra mile by manufacturing personalised video brochures that feature media controls, including volume adjustment, play/pause, fast forward, and rewind. We can even tailor these controls further to meet specific requirements, such as incorporating an on/off button.

For a truly tailored and captivating experience, our branded bespoke video brochures offer the capability to upload multiple videos. Each video can be accessed through a dedicated button, allowing viewers to easily choose their desired content. After one video concludes, the next one automatically starts playing, ensuring a seamless transition between multimedia presentations.

Function Options

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