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Functions of our video brochures

Video in a Box's video brochures are designed and manufactured with ease of use in mind. That’s why our promotional video brochures feature automatic play when the video brochure is opened, which starts about 1-2 seconds after it is opened. 

Our promotional printed video brochures come with its own USB cable and can also include a case and headphone socket. Video in a Box can manufacturer personal video brochures with media controls, including: Volume, Play/Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind. Our brochures can be customised further by adding an on/off button if required. 

The branded bespoke video brochure can also have multiple videos uploaded to it and then feature a separate button to play each video, it automatically starts the next one after a video has finished. 


  • Cards are autostart on opening or have an on/off switch
  • Cards come with play/pause and volume controls and can also be supplied with buttons for other functions
  • Addition buttons can be programmed if you want multiple videos on your video brochure





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