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The Client

Globally, Fujifilm is well known for its digital cameras and copiers; however, the company has altered its product portfolio over the past 10 years to the business side, in an attempt to survive the decline of traditional photographic film by diversifying their product offerings into areas such as medical equipment and materials used in flat-panel displays.

The Target Market

Fujifilm have two major segments in their target market, Demographics and Psychographics. Demographics is aimed at both male and female, however the more colourful cameras are aimed at females. They are targeting middle class consumers whilst some of the cameras are affordable for everyone.

They offer cameras for all ages groups including children and adults up to age 70. Those who love adventures and travel are also a part of the target market, using their cameras to capture the nature and beauty of the world.

Fujifilm Acuity Prime Video Box - Closed
Fujifilm Acuity Prime Video Box - Open

The Brief

Fujifilm wanted to create these video boxes to showcase their new piece of high-end printing equipment, the Acuity Ultra Rs printing system and the Acuity Prime printing system.

They had two slightly different boxes to showcase the prime print system and the ultra-print system. Fujifilm wanted to supply us the print for these boxes which would be produced by these machines and then manufactured around the boxes.

The Challenge

We created 2 different sized boxes, one of these held 4 tubes produced by us, that would then sit in a fitment inside the box. These tubes would hold the printed artwork from the Ultra print system. Sizing was supplied to us by Fujifilm to ensure the artwork would fit inside the tubes.

They wanted internal shelfs to add extra information to the boxes and to reveal the products underneath. Both boxes would need video screen inside to allow Fujifilm to add a personal message for each machine.

Fujifilm Acuity Ultra Video Box - Closed
Fujifilm Acuity Ultra Video Box - Open

The Results

These boxes both came out looking amazing, both with a matt laminated finish, using Fujifilm's own print. The fitments inside held the sheets of artwork and the tubes perfectly. The details with the ribbon lift on the internal shelf allowing you to open this easily, the 5inch IPS video screen in the centre featured a pause button allowing you to pause the video when needed.

The boxes were produced in the UK and then shipped out globally to partners, customers and prospective customer of Fujifilm. The boxes where extremely well received globally and a repeat order was put in for more boxes due to this having a big impact.

Want to learn more?

Our Managing Director, Lee Robinson, has over 20+ years experience in providing high quality and memorable promotional merchandise shows you the Fujifilm Acuity Prime and Acuity Ultra video boxes, and goes over the specifications of the box

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