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Here at Video in a Box, we are always happy to help. To make your experience with us smoother, we've put together a list of our most frequency asked questions with the aim to help you find the answers you're looking for. If you can't find what you need, contact us and we will be happy to assist you, you might even find your question gets added to this page.
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What screen sizes do you supply?

The largest screen size available is a 10.1inch HD screen. The next size down is a 7inch screen, then next is a 5inch screen. You can then go down even smaller to a 4.3 and 4inch screen. And finally the smallest size is a 2.3inch screen used for our video business cards.

What order do the videos play in?

The videos play in alphanumeric order i.e. 01, 02, 03, or A, B, C etc. When loading the videos onto the card you need to give them the name 01. or A. If you name the files in that sequential order that is the order the videos will play in. 

What memory size do the Video in a Box products have?

From 1GB to 16GB, depending on your requirements. For our 5inch screens we typically do 128MB, and for our 7inch screens we typically do 256MB. 

What is the average battery life of your products?

A battery life of up to 12 hours can be specified and the standard is 2 hours. Batteries are fully rechargeable via Video in a Box's mini USB port

Do your prices include delivery?

When you receive your quote form us the pricing will include delivery to one UK mainland address. If you want to send these out to multiple address in the it will be at an additional cost.

What sizes are available from Video in a Box?

We supply promotional video products from business card size up to bespoke Video in a Box sizes including Video books, LP Video Records and Video Presentation Boxes.

What print options do you support?

Cards are normally supplied with 4 colour printing and gloss or mat lamination as standard. Spot Colours, Spot UV, Foil Blocking, Embossing and other finishes are available. Cards can also be supplied in other materials.

Can the video products from Video in a Box be re-used?

Yes, they can. We can make a product or video card box as generic as possible so that you can re-use the box for anything and just change the video in accordance to that change.

Can you provide the mini USB cable for charging the Video in a Box?

Yes, we provide the mini-USB cable with all boxes. However, if requested by yourself we don’t have to include the cable.

What is the standard timeline for delivery once we supply artwork?

Once we have signed off approved artwork for the order, typical delivery if 3-4 weeks. This can depend on the complexity of the order and the quantity which can cause it to take slightly longer than this.

How much would the Video in a Box cost increase by if we added more videos?

It doesn’t typically cost more to add more videos. However, if you're adding on a longer video and a larger video this may require a larger memory size which would incur a small extra cost.

How many seconds does it take for the video to start playing?

Typically, the videos will start almost instantly within a few seconds after the box or brochure has been opened.

Once customers receive the cards loaded with videos, can the customers delete these videos and add new ones loaded?

Yes, they can. Once the box or brochure has been received. They will come with a USB cable which you can plug into the computer and the video card, and you can swap and change the videos through your computer. You can however, block the video you’ve put on there to prevent anyone from deleting it. And we can also block up the mini USB port on the brochure or box to prevent anyone from adding new video or charging the video.

What format do videos need to be to play and are there any other specifications that we should be aware of?

This varies on screen size. HD options are available, otherwise 2.4"and 2.8" is 320 x 240 resolution, 4", 4.3" and 5" is 1280 x 720, 7" in 1280 x 720 and 10" is 1920 x 1080. Various file formats can be used including MP4 or AVI, (we will normally correctly encode, optimise and load any video for you).

What if the Video in a Box gets damaged during delivery or if it does not work?

It's extremely rare that the video screens don’t work. The manufacturers of the screen do a full QC on all screens to ensure everything works prior to it leaving the factory. We ensure all our products are packed with full protection – including an outer box, 2 inner boxes, and a 10ml white foam as well as another carton around the box/brochure which is double walled including some extra protection for the edges.

What trigger options are available?

We have 3 methods of playing the videos. Typically, with our brochures, the outer case is in contact to the screen case inside. We have a magnetic trigger within both cases so once the brochure is opened the video plays when closed it turns off. With our boxes typically the screen case inside wont we touching another part of the box, so what we would use is a light sensor. This will turn the video on once the light hits the sensor. And again, turns off when the box is shut. Another option is buttons, which you can use to just turn the video on and off. 

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we do. We have a wide range of available samples to send out to customer ranging from Hardback to softback, including A4, A5 etc. What we do is write the sample up as an order, and send this out to you. All we ask from you is that the sample is kept in the condition it arrived in and is returned to us once you’ve finished showcasing this to colleagues etc. 

What kind of battery do you use and is it safe?

In all of our video products we use lithium batteries. These batteries are used in many products now including portable chargers, mobile phones etc. They are completely safe to be shipped especially as they are even more protected with the packaging.   

How many times can we re-charge the battery?

You can re-charge the battery as many times as needed. Similar to a mobile phone you can recharge a numerous number of times. These batteries should still be working in a few years' time depending on how many times you’ve re-charged the battery.   

What is the minimum order quantity of your video products?

One. We can provide just 1 video box. The lower the quantity the higher the price. Typically, we get low quantity orders for promotional products and events.   

Do I have to produce my own artwork and video content?

Ideally you should produce your own artwork and video content. We do have occasions where sometimes you may not have access to a designer or design team, we can then contact our design team to produce this for you at a cost. The same with the video content we can put you in contact with some videographers to help you put your video together.  

Do you do pre-production samples?

Yes, we always encourage customers to have a pre-production sample made. This is to ensure you are happy with everything, and the items going inside fit inside the fitments etc. We do charge for a pre-production sample, however if an order is placed after this, we do offer a discount on the pre-production order against your full order.
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