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Express Video Brochures-5 Day Turnaround Video in a Box

Pitch. Announce. Surprise. Stand-out from the crowd. Fast.

Sometimes you need to stand out at short notice. Video in a Box brings you Express Video Brochures, with 5 day turnaround.

As provided to the world's leading advertising agencies, the world's leading consultancies and many, many more, Video in a Box Express Video Brochures provides Bespoke Designed and Printed case-bound Hard Cover videobooks with 7 inch LCD screens.

These videobooks come with the following functions; play/pause volume up, volume down, skip backwards/rewind, skip forwards, fast forward.

Video in a Box Express will design a video book with your own brand. Call us on 01276 450220

If you want to design and produce your own Video in a Box - that's possible to! Video in a Box Express Video Brochures come in a variety of screen sizes and shapes and can play up to 5 videos. For more information about Video in a Box Express Video Brochures please call our sales team on 01276 450220

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