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Education Video in a Box

Video in a box believes that we can all learn new skills and our HD video brochures are designed to help you do exactly that. From video books for education to video brochures to learn new business skills, Video in a box provides useful tools for learning and development.

Our video brochure can be utilised as part of the education process and give students a sense of real life that simply cannot be found in plain text. Videos involve the viewer in a more immersive experience. There is only so much that can be communicated with a static image - moving images allow for the viewer to capture more detail and understand all of the nuances involved in a subject without having to infer information based on text or a single image. Video in a Box has often been used to make complicated information more easily assimilated - from the workings of complicated machinery to a virtual tour of ancient Rome in history class.

Our clients range from full-time education such as Middlesex University, to commercial training companies such as Prosell learning and training, but includes anyone wishes to convey complex information in an easier to understand manner.

Dalziel High

This high end video brochure  has a full colour print on every part alonside an embbed promotional video screen.

Middlesex Uni

This luxury video presentation brouchure was created in red and black and features a LCD HD screen with 4 videos.


This promotional video presentation brouchure features a complete full colour print and a 6 buttoin design