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The Client & Background

Electronic Arts, an American video game company, had teamed up with the NFL (National Football League) to launch their latest video game, NFL Madden 23. The renowned John Madden, a prominent figure in the NFL, lent his name to the popular video game series, starting with John Madden Football, which eventually evolved into the Madden NFL series.

Unfortunately, John Madden passed away on December 28, 2021. His legacy lives on, especially as people continue to enjoy and play his games. The NFL has granted EA exclusive rights to create simulation games based on the NFL, and Madden NFL continues to deepen the passion for the sport among fans, players, and viewers. It not only entertains but also educates viewers on how to improve their gameplay, further engaging Madden's devoted fanbase.

In a collaboration, EA approached Magellan with the vision of creating a luxurious video package to introduce the new Madden NFL 23 game to influencers and journalists. The primary objective was to honor the legendary John Madden and depict his journey within the video game and the new release. This aspect played a crucial role in the design process, from initial concepts to the creation of a custom video box and the inclusion of branded merchandise.

The Client & Background

The Box

The video box was constructed using a three-part assembly, comprising the lower piece, the spine, and the top cover. Crafted from sturdy grey board material and adorned with carefully selected designed paper, this box exudes an elegant aesthetic.

To elevate the overall appeal and durability, the entire surface of the box is adorned with a full CMYK custom print, boasting vibrant colors and intricate detailing. Furthermore, an anti-scuff lamination finish has been applied, ensuring that the box remains pristine and unblemished over time.

Delving into the interior of the box, the base has been ingeniously lined with AstroTurf, adding a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to the design. This choice of material draws a direct parallel to the playing surface of football stadiums, which can feature either real or artificial grass, depending on the venue. Incorporating this element into the box design seamlessly ties together the world of the sport with the essence of the company, evoking a flood of cherished memories associated with both.

Upon laying eyes on this exquisite box, one's thoughts are immediately transported to the essence of the company, the spirit of the sport, and the myriad of memories intertwined with them, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

The Box

The Video

Inside the box, you'll find a 7-inch video screen expertly affixed to the inner lid, ready to immerse you in the world of John Madden and the exciting new game features. This multimedia treasure trove contains four captivating videos, each approximately 15 minutes in duration, offering an in-depth look into John Madden's life and the innovative game elements.

These videos delve deep into the intricacies of the game, highlighting its ingenuity and showcasing the array of new movements that enrich the gaming experience. Furthermore, they shed light on the cutting-edge graphics that elevate the visual appeal of the game.

Upon opening the box, a built-in light sensor adjacent to the video screen automatically triggers its activation, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. The screen itself has been meticulously tailored to snugly fit the interior of the box, enhancing its overall aesthetics. For your convenience, there's also a strategically placed charging port on the side of the screen, allowing you to recharge it whenever the battery runs low, ensuring you can enjoy the videos time and again.

The video

The Shelf and Printing

Upon opening the box, you'll be greeted by a remarkable CMYK custom-printed shelf adorned with a tribute to the legendary John Madden. This beautifully crafted shelf serves a dual purpose: not only as a heartfelt thank-you gesture to John but also as an ingenious way to conceal the merchandise beneath it. This clever design choice lends an air of sophistication and luxury, further enhanced by the elegant ribbon attached to keep the box open. To ensure seamless aesthetics, we've thoughtfully incorporated a thumbhole in one corner of the shelf for easy lifting, strategically placed so as not to disrupt the captivating graphics.

The shelf itself is constructed from sturdy black line board, allowing us to execute precise die-cutting around the edges, resulting in a sleek black border that harmonises seamlessly with the overall design. This attention to detail ensures that every element of the presentation is meticulously coordinated and visually pleasing.

The Shelf and Printing

The Finer Details

Beneath the shelf is the hidden custom merchandise. You are greeted with a printed post card full of information about the product and John Madden.

There are then two different versions of the John Madden NFL 23 game, in this photo we have just used two other EA sports games as we did not possess the actual game to photograph.
The main custom piece of branded merchandise are some amazing JBL headphones. These were in standard packaging, manufactured some resin domes and attached them onto the earpieces of each one to give it a bit more of a branding area. A custom t-shirt with the EA Madden 23 NFL branding and some added extras were added into it too.

The end result came out amazing, we managed to create a luxury influencer box including a lot of John Maddens spirit. The details on this box were immaculate even down to the tiniest details like the anti scuff matt lamination which gave it a cleaner, luxurious and professional finish.
They were all packed up and sent to different influencers/journalists. We heard back from EA and their feedback was incredible!

The shelf and printing

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