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The Background

This high-end luxury video box was created for Coca Cola and is a fantastic example of the high-quality products that Video In a Box can produce. This fully custom video box was produced for the Rio Olympics and contained various promotional items. Our clients wanted an innovative way to deliver their custom printed merchandise to their valued customers and this high-impact video box did just that!

Coca Cola contacted us when they had the idea to use video advertising to help deliver their message. Coca Cola did not wish to provide a basic video brochure to their clients, instead they went for a completely custom designed video box. This video packaging piece featured the largest screen Video In a Box offer alongside custom foam fitments and other professional finishes.

Our first customer service step was a one on one consultation with our MD who has 20+ years of experience within the promotional merchandise industry. This consultation ironed out any issues and the perfect video box for Coca Cola was derived. Video In a Box gave industry leading advise on specifics such as print specifications, templates for foam fitting and all the extras Coca Cola were looking for. The result was an inspiring piece of memorable promotional packaging.

The Background

High Quality Print And Video Screen

The video box that we produced for Coca Cola features a full 4 colour gloss finish print all over. Gloss lamination printing makes writing and pictures appear more crisp and sharper, furthermore it is very durable as it repels dirt, dust, and fingerprints with ease. This print design creates a very high end and professional look which impressed all the clients that received this video box.

Inside this promotional video box sits an incredible 10-inch HD LCD screen. This screen is the largest and highest quality we supply and is guaranteed to deliver your message effectively. This video screen displays HD video content and will play one video on repeat.

Hidden speakers create a clean design but still ensure your clients receive the full impact of your message. The lid features a central light sensor which will automatically play your selected video when the box is opened.

Coca Cola video Box - Opened box
High Quality Print
Coca Cola Video Box - Internal shelf

Lid And Shelf

The lid features magnetics on the front flap which clips down to ensure the box remains closed. The magnetic closures offer more feel to client when they open their box which adds to the impact of this promotional packaging piece. These magnets are a very popular option and feature on nearly every video brochure we do.

The lid also features ribbons to prevent the lid from folding back on itself which increases the life of the product. The ribbons also look very professional and are a subtle hint of how of how you and company with go the extra mile to deliver your service.

This bespoke video gift box features a custom printed shelf which provides a fantastic reveal to the promotional merchandise inside. The bespoke shelf also provides another area for your marketing campaign message to be shown and may be branded you’re your logo. This shelf is lifted by a small ribbon, Coca Cola selected a red ribbon to match their house style.

Lid and Shelf

Bespoke Foam Fitment

Underneath the custom shelf is a custom foam fitment which secures the various branded promotional items we produced for Coca Cola. Foam fitments are a fantastic addition to any promotional video piece, they allow you to design a layout for your products to be shown and prevent fragile items from being damaged.

Our sister company Magellan World produced the promotional merchandise for Coca Cola, which includes a custom USB stick, bottle opener and 3 Coca Cola bottles. Video In a Box have the capacity to provide any branding merchandise required to make your dream video box or video brochure a reality.

Coca Cola Vide Box - Internal box
Bespoke Foam Fitment

YouTube Video

For a more in-depth exploration of the intricacies of the Coca-Cola video presentation box, we extend an invitation to you to visit our YouTube channel. Here, our Managing Director, Lee, conducts a comprehensive showcase, shedding light on the exceptional features of this creation. At Magellan, we take immense pride in showcasing our collaboration with Coca-Cola, which resulted in a wide array of premium merchandise solutions.

We encourage you not to let this opportunity pass you by to gain a thorough understanding of this innovative product. Join us on our YouTube channel to unveil all the intricate details and witness the level of excellence that defines our work with Coca-Cola.


Want to learn more?

Our Managing Director, Lee Robinson, has over 20+ years experience in providing high quality and memorable promotional merchandise shows you the Coca Cola video box, and goes over the specifications of the box.

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