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Boohoo Video Presentation Box - Logo

The Client

Boohoo is a UK based online fashion brand, aimed at 16–30-year-olds. Founded in 2006, and has sky rocketed since with sales of £856.9m in 2019. Boohoo also runs boohooman.com, prettylittlething.com, nastygal.com and debenhams.com and many more. They specialise in own brand fashion clothing and beauty products, with over 36,000 products.

As an online retailer, Boohoo utilise social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy. As of June 2019, boohoo had 6m Instagram followers, 1.1m Twitter followers and 2.9m likes on Facebook.

The Client

The Target Market

The internet plays a huge role in the marketing for Boohoo. Using Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to advertise their brand to the world. Everyone is always on their phones now-a-days, always swiping to the next best product or influencer promoting said product on Instagram.

The target for this campaign were high profile influencers online across the UK and US, this was for the launch of Boohoo’s denim edit, and these where to be sent out to all the influencers as promo packs for the new launch.

Boohoo Video Presentation Box - Closed Box
The Target Market
Boohoo Video presentation Box - Empty Video box

The Brief

We were asked for packaging that would hold the jeans, but also promote the launch at the same time. They needed packaging to showcase their brand, their new product as well as have some wow-factor. With the influencers having a high social following the aim was to use these presentation boxes to showcase the brand online, especially social media platforms.

The main focus was to create something that would wow the influencers and their followers. Increased social media exposure for this product was key, as this would then lead to an increase in sales and raise their brand awareness even more with the target audience.

The Brief

The Challenge

With a deadline for these, we needed to be quick and come up with an idea that would be different and show the influencers what Boohoo was all about. Boohoo wanted something to showcase their new collection, to also send a selection of the collection to the influencers, which is where the video box idea came to life.

The video element of the box enabled Boohoo to show the influencers via an exclusive video of the new collection. These needed to be packed and shipped to each individual influencer across the UK and the US, which was fulfilled by us.

Boohoo Video Presentation Box - Inside of the box
The Challenge
Boohoo Video Presentation Box -Final Result

The Results

We came up with the idea to add a video screen to the presentation box, so when opened the video would start revealing a video showcasing the launch of the new jeans. Hidden inside the box under some branded tissue paper where some jeans for each influencer to try.

The video box was sleek, and showcased Boohoo well. With the branding all over the box inside and out and adding that wow factor with the surprise of a video inside.

The Results

Want to learn more?

Our Managing Director, Lee Robinson, has over 20+ years experience in providing high quality and memorable promotional merchandise shows you the Boohoo video box, and goes over the specifications of the box

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