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The BMW Championships is a highly anticipated golf tournament renowned for its luxury and exclusivity, drawing golf enthusiasts from far and wide. This year, the BMW Championship team introduced Presentational Video Boxes to enhance the tournament's opulence, offering VIP tickets and exclusive merchandise for an extravagant pre-event experience.

The utilization of Presentational Video Boxes perfectly aligns with the tournament's commitment to delivering a lavish and immersive experience. Beyond merely showcasing the tournament's visual grandeur, these Video Boxes provide recipients with a glimpse of the VIP treatment they can expect at the event, heightening their excitement for the championship.

In a continued celebration of luxury and exclusivity, the decision to incorporate Video Boxes underscores their unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional and unforgettable golfing spectacle.


Video Box Specifications

Customised video boxes are becoming increasingly popular for creating immersive storytelling experiences, all delivered with the highest level of luxury. Here are the details that explain how we brought the BMW box to life:

  • Internal Dimensions – 280x180x90mm
  • 7 Inch IPS Screen 
  • Auto Play
  • 258MB Memory 
  • USB Charging Port
  • Full Colour CMYK Print
  • Side Ribbon (white)
video box Specifications

The Finer Details

Implimenting a USB charging point into the box is a great way of ensuring the recipients fully enjoy and utlise the features of the box, for as long as they desire. It not only enahnces the praticality of the gift box but also aligns perfectly with the message MBW wish to convey about the Championships tournament.

By providing a charging feature, you're not only ensuring that recipients can immerse themselfs in captivating video content but also emphasising the importance and longevity of the event; sending out a clear message. By doing this, you highlight a sense of care about their convinience and comfort, making the gift more memorable.

This thoughtful addition not only showcases your consideration for the recipients but also serves as a constant reminder of the BMW Championships, creating a lasting impression. Strengthening the connection between the event and it's attendees. These Video Presentation Boxes are an excellent way to make your gesture of appreciation stand out but unveil elegance.

the finer details

The End Result 

The luxurious presentation box's final outcome not only grabbed the attention of a wide audience but also intensified the excitement, particularly among those who enthusiastically shared their unboxing experiences. As the BMW Championships approached, discussions and anticipation reached unprecedented levels, with the tournament's countdown generating more excitement than ever before.

The triumph of these video boxes underscored the artful delivery of digital experiences, ensuring the effective communication of all the necessary information. Concurrently, they breathed life into the BMW Championship's vision, elevating its upscale allure. Moreover, these boxes functioned as a strategic marketing tool, encouraging the creation of user-generated content and amplifying awareness about the event as recipients eagerly shared their own experiences.

the end result

Other Case Studies

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BMW Championships Box

Arsenal FC Video Box

To make it unique to Arsenal FC these 4 part magnetic case and base video boxes had internal dimms of 326x245x60mm, A 15mm satin ribbon pull, 10" Screen, Custom foam fitment and an embossed logo.

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