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31st January 2022« All News Items

The price of success

We have just released our price guide to help our customers find the perfect video marketing solution for their business. Video marketing is more expensive then regular print however offers a higher ROI due to the captivating and professional method that your message is delivered. Why chose video brochures?

Engaging – TV in a card technology helps you avoid unintentional lack of attention from your clients. Our experts ensure your message is delivered in a creative, innovative and engaging manner, helping you gain a wealth of customers.

Interactive – Your customers receive and handle a physical object allowing them to interact with your video message. This personal interaction will help you build a stronger and meaningful relationship with your client.

Memorable – By providing an engaging, innovative and physical experience to your customer, their attention and loyalty is guaranteed

Increasing Brand Awareness & Loyalty – Video brochures are unique to any medium of brand messages previously seen by your client. With its unique and innovative characteristics, our client will remember your brand and may even show other your fantastic video marketing tool.

Triggering Emotional Intensity – many humans have a strong effective memory and can remember the feelings that accompanied an experience in their lifetime.


World Transplant games video box.

Video Brochures

Here you will find our price guide of video brochures for the UK.
Bentley GT Video Brochure

Video Boxes

Click here to find bespoke video box prices for custom shapes and sizes.
Lucy Zodian Video Brochure

Video Business Cards

Our video business card price guide will help you decide if video marketing is for you.
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