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Batteries For video Brochures

Video in a Box produces luxury and bespoke video brochures, ranging from big boxes to small business cards, and each of our portable personalised products contain batteries that are rechargeable. 

We used high quality batteries that can be recharged approximately 1,000 times however deficiency will increase through age. The estimated shelf life of our batteries when stored correctly is that a fully charged battery in a card should stay charged for up to 3 months.

Video in a Box uses the industry standard batteries which have a capacity and life span dependant on the video screen used.


10" Screens
1920 x 1080 HD
Battery option: 1200mAh 1 hour, 2000mAh 2 hours, 3800mAh 4 hours

7" Screens
1280 x 720 HD
Battery option: 500mAh 1 hour, 1000mAh 2 hours, 1500mAh 3 hours, 2000mAh 4 hours

4.3" and 5" Screens
1280 x 720 HD
Battery option: 450mAh 2 hours, 750mAh 3 hours, 1000mAh 4 hours, 1200mAh 5 hours, 2000mAh 9 hours

2.4" and 2.8" Screens
320 x 240 SD
Battery option: 120mAh 1 hour, 200mAh 2 hours, 380mAh 4 hours, 500mAh 5 hours, 1000mAh 12 hours





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