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Banking and Finance Video Packaging

Video in a box have worked with some of the world’s most recognised brands in banking, insurance and financial services, providing video presenters and leave-behinds, video brochures, video cards and video direct mail for JP Morgan, Visa, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Standard Life, Wesleyan Insurance and many more.

We work closely with our financial services clients to discover and create unique and new opportunities to combine the power of video with the precision targeting of direct mail. We combine expert data analysis with targeted video advertising to create powerful personalised messages to key customer segments.

Video presentation packs are the best method of advertising your company, video brochures will bring your marketing brochures to life delivering a jaw dropping first impression and providing an unparalleled response from your clients.

JP Morgan Video Brochure
Banking and Finance Video Packaging
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Cowen Rodriguez Peacock

A custom video book which features five different videos on a lovely 7" screen inside a hardback brochure.


This luxury video presentation brochure was created for Accenture, it features a 7” HD video screen with 3 buttons.

Capricorn Coast

This high detail video presentation brochure has a luxury 10 inch video screen alongside a 3 button design.


This high end video brochure  has 2 folding flaps and holds 2 booklets and a business card alongside the integrated TV.
JP Morgan

J.P.Morgan Brochure

This printed branded video brochure sits inside a high quality promotional box and features a 5” HD video screen.
JP Morgan

J.P.Morgan Calendar

This promotional video screen calendar features a 7" screen and a 3 button design.
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