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The Client

Founded in 1886, Arsenal Football Club has firmly established itself as an iconic presence in the realm of football. Currently, the club competes in the Premier League, calling Emirates Stadium in London its home. Arsenal's illustrious history is marked by a multitude of achievements and a devoted fan base of considerable magnitude.

When Arsenal set out to create a distinctive item aimed at showcasing their most cherished moments and introducing a fresh brochure for their dedicated fan community in anticipation of the upcoming season, the decision to embrace video boxes was unquestionably the most fitting one.

These video boxes not only generate a tangible feeling of enthusiasm but also deliver an exclusive experience that harmoniously resonates with the unique character of the club.

The Client


To enahncee the exclusivity of Arsenal's video box, the following specifications make it uniquely tailored to them:

  • Internal Dimms: 326x245x60mm
  • 4 Part Case and Base
  • 10" IPS Screen
  • Embossed Logo
  • Bespoke Foam Fitment 
  • Spot UV Finish
  • 15mm Red Satin Ribbon Pull (for the brochure)
arsenal video box - specifications
arsenal video box - custom foam fitment

Custom Foam Fitment

Arsenal has placed a strong emphasis on ensuring the brochure included in their video box arrives in perfect condition, and they have achieved this by incorporating a specially designed foam insert. This feature guarantees that the brochure is delivered to its recipients in pristine condition, shielding it from any potential damage during the shipping process. Furthermore, the chosen foam material is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, aligning perfectly with the club's commitment to sustainable practices.

The inclusion of these custom foam inserts serves a dual purpose. Not only do they offer the practical advantage of safeguarding the contents, but they also enhance the overall visual appeal of the packaging. The meticulous attention to detail evident in the precision-fit foam elevates the professional appearance of the video box, while the premium quality of the materials used underscores Arsenal's unwavering dedication to excellence

custom foam fitment

The Outcome

The completed Video Presentation Box achieves an exquisite blend of opulent design and a compelling narrative. The video not only immerses its audience but also maintains their engagement through its compelling visual storytelling. The inclusion of a satin ribbon pull not only harmonizes effortlessly with Arsenal's brand but also imparts a significant touch of sophistication to the packaging.

Utilized as a marketing tool, video boxes offer a dual advantage: they grant Arsenal a competitive edge and possess the potential to attract new supporters, even those who may traditionally support opposing teams

arsenal video box - end result
The outcome

YouTube Video

If you're seeking an in-depth exploration of the opulent Arsenal FC Video Presentation Box showcased on our website, you've come to the right place. While our webpage offers a glimpse of what we have to offer, our goal is to provide a comprehensive explanation and offer you an up-close view of this remarkable project.

Our Managing Director is your guide in a YouTube video that takes you beyond the surface and delves deep into the intricacies and finer details of the finished product. In this video, you'll gain valuable insights into various aspects, such as the creative process behind the print design, the seamless integration of the video screen, and the overall box design.

If you share our enthusiasm and curiosity about the painstaking craftsmanship that went into creating this pinnacle of luxury, we extend a warm invitation to watch our YouTube presentation. Be prepared for a truly captivating and enlightening experience.

youtube video

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